December 9, 2013

F&N Drink Machine Error/Problem

   Evening peeps. What the hell happen to me!? I have a feeling to have carbonated drink Guess what, I does't want to buy from the cafeteria due to the drink costed RM2.50 while the carbonated machine just costed RM2.00.

   As a student, we need to save money so of course we will get the drink from the machine. Majority will choose to get drink from the machine than at the cafeteria. This is because it able us to save money.

   In mine wallet, it just left 1 RM10, 1 RM5 and also RM1. The machine required RM2 to purchase a drink. As you know mine wallet does't have RM2. So I used the RM5 to purchase the drink. Then something happen, when I insert the money the machine get a sound that I unexpected. The machine give sound *beep beep* for few minutes and then the screen at the machine show "Error Code E5" 

F&N Drink Machine Error/Problem
This is what the machine show after I insert the money
F&N Drink Machine Error/Problem
This is the machine look. It looks normal like ordinary F&N Machine.

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