December 6, 2013


   Hey peeps! Yesterday was the day I submit mine assignment. Before I submit it, there are a lot of process that have been through. Those process included analysis 3 journal that consist of  6, 11, and also 30 pages. Basically, I did read all the pages. That was a bored thing ._. .

   Reading is easy but reading with understanding is something very difficult. The difficult maybe due to interference by environment, day dreaming and so on.

   So there was a mistake in mine assignment and I never notice :x . What!? After I done assignment, I thought finally I have a good rest but eventually there is something that going to happen.When I lets mine lecture check mine assignment, SUDDENLY she laugh out loud(LOL). I guess everyone that in the class also know about this ><.  Guess what I wrote a statement "The gender of male is much lower compare to the female". When mine lecture see this statement she keep laugh and laugh. She couldn't stand to stop laughing for that day. 

   So peeps do check the English before submit it :D