January 18, 2014

"Yaotiao" @Wangsa Maju LRT

Hey readers! How is your guys weekends? Hope you guys have wonderful weekend. Today I would like to recommend a cuisine that majority Singaporean and Malaysian know. Lets me give you guys quiz about this food. I will describe this food at below:-

  • This cuisine will in pair/twin
  • It quite long
  • This cuisine can eat together with "Bak Kut Teh"
  • This cuisine usually been eaten for breakfast
  • It also suitable to eat with "Kopi" or "Milo"

I guess majority of people able to answer this question. What special about this "Yaotiao" or also known as "Yao Char Kueh"? Guess what, this "Yaotiao" still very long and the price is only cost RM0.80. Unbelievable right? You should believe it. Moreover, the taste still the same I been eaten since young till now.

"Yaotiao" or "Yao Char Kueh"
This is Yaotiao also known as Yao Char Kueh
  1. As we can see the "Yaotiao" in the picture is really long. I have been place "Yaotiao" on normal plate and guess what, it need more space. It mean it is really long.

"Yaotiao" or "Yao Char Kueh"
"Yaotiao" or "Yao Char Kueh" has been cut into half and another haven been cut'
  1. Even thought the "Yaotiao" or "Yao Char Kueh" been cut into half it still very long. The size of the "Yaotiao" or "Yao Char Kueh" still same size just like the plate.

"Yaotiao" or "Yao Char Kueh"
"Yaotiao" or "Yao Char Kueh"

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