TimeTraveller Watch Experience

Not long ago, I purchased a TimeTraveller's Watch from 11street, which is one of Malaysia's latest hot stop shopping mall.
TimeTraveller Watch Experience
TimeTraveller Watch ( Black Color )

With this watch, you can visit over 2000 Touch ‘n Go merchants’ outlets in Malaysia. More information about Touch 'n Go merchants, here.

The “TimeTraveller Watch” comes with 2 colours( Black and White). *More colours will be available soon.* Here is how the TimeTraveller's Watch function, as shown below.
TimeTraveller Watch Experience
Step by Step how the TimeTraveller Watch Function
Please do register your TimeTraveller Watch, here. Once u registered your watch, you will be able to check your monetary balance. Not only that, you also able to top up and check your balance at any outlets that have the Touch N Go' reader. More information where to check and reload your TimeTraveller Watch | Touch N' Go, here.

TimeTraveller Watch Experience
Touch N' Go Official Website
In addition, with this TimeTraveller Watch, you can do your payment easily in a stylish manner. There is no need bring your money therefore you can avoid being a target of snatch thieves.
TimeTraveller Watch Experience
This is my way of using TimeTraveller Watch to do payment at Watsons.
So to conclude, this model of timetraveller's watch is worth it in the long run, since it is durable. The TimeTraveller Watch only costs RM 222 (original price RM 239) on 11street, here. , grab it while stocks last.

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