July 15, 2019

Samsung Galaxy A80 is now in Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy A80 - The First Rotating Triple Camera 

Built with Samsung’s latest innovations and upgraded essential features, the Samsung Galaxy A80 showcases Samsung’s first rotating triple camera that acts as both the main camera and selfie camera.
Samsung A80 is now in Malaysia
Samsung Galaxy A80 Promotion
To top off the launch excitement, Samsung is running an exclusive promotion for its newly launched smartphone. The first 1,000 customers to purchase the Samsung Galaxy A80 will receive a complimentary BlackPink special edition package that includes a Galaxy A80 case, stand and photo card, together with a Galaxy Fit collectively worth RM818.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Specification

6.7-inch FHD+ (1080x2400) Super AMOLED,
New Infinity Display

Rotating Camera (Front/Rear)
Main: 48MP, F2.0
Ultra Wide: 8MP, F2.2 (123°)
3D Depth

165.2 x 76.5 x 9.3 mm

Octa Core (2.2GHz Dual + 1.8GHz Hexa)

128 GB Internal Storage

3,700mAh (typical)
25W Super Fast Charging

Android 9.0 (Pie)

Biometric Authentications
On-Screen Fingerprint

Phantom Black, Angel Gold, Ghost White

The Samsung Galaxy A80 is available for purchase now at all Samsung Experience Stores and Samsung Malaysia Online Store with the recommended retail price of RM2,499. For more information on the Samsung Galaxy A80 product and promo campaign, visit https://samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-a80-a805/SM-A805FZKDXME/ and https://samsung.com/my/offer/mobile/a80-launch-promotion/.

July 13, 2019

TikTok Connects Creators and Brands at First South East Asia Creators and Content Marketing Conference

TikTok Connects Creators and Brands at First South East Asia Creators and Content Marketing Conference

TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, hosted its first ever South East Asia Creators and Content Marketing Conference at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on the 10 July 2019. The conference, titled [REC]reate, brought together around 300 creators and marketers from Malaysia and the rest of the region to connect and collaborate to unleash a vast array of creative possibilities with TikTok.

Providing valuable insights into how creators and marketers can leverage the platform to engage the highly sought-after demographic: Gen Z audiences, the conference featured a series of keynote sessions and a panel by regional TikTok representatives, brand marketers and creators to discuss the rise of short-form video content.
TikTok Connects Creators and Brands at First South East Asia Creators and Content Marketing Conference
Def-G Talent Showcase
The in-depth keynote sessions which included, TikTok 101, Unlocking the TikTok Content Generation Factory and TikTok Monetization Deep-Dive, shed light upon TikTok’s immense potential in Malaysia and the rest of the region, and showcased how the platform can be harnessed to build brands and businesses.

TikTok also hosted a panel discussion on the immense potential and effectiveness of short-form video content with panelists from research and data consultancy, Kantar, global media company, Mindshare, and TikTok content creator, Karina Boenardi. The event also featured a talent showcase from one of TikTok Thailand’s most popular creator groups, Def-G. 

South East Asia’s digital natives are among the most active on mobile, spending an average of almost four hours across devices, according to latest studies. Across Malaysia and the rest of South East Asia, TikTok provides easy-to-use video capturing and editing tools directly from the smartphone, allowing the creation of a wide array of content that reflects the diversity of the region.
TikTok Connects Creators and Brands at First South East Asia Creators and Content Marketing Conference
Lionel Sim, Senior Director, Global Marketing - Business Solutions, TikTok Ads Opening Address
“We’re noticing a steady increase in the consumption of short-form video content in Malaysia and across the region, especially among Gen Z, 98% of which own a smartphone. Through [REC]reate, we aim to arm both creators and marketers with the insights and the know-how needed to connect with these valuable audiences,” said Lionel Sim, Senior Director, Global Marketing - Business Solutions, TikTok Ads. “TikTok is thrilled with the turnout of this inaugural event and we look forward to continue being an innovative and exciting vehicle for brands to reach and connect with a wide and varied audience across South East Asia.”

Some of the most engaging content and campaigns created in Malaysia this year include #BetterMeBetterInternet (74M views), #myearthhour2019 (5M views) and #experiencepenang (22M views). Malaysia’s first brand campaign, #LightUpF11Pro was done in collaboration with Oppo. Coinciding with the launch of their latest product, the F11 Pro, the campaign featured custom interactive content via a hashtag challenge (over 9m total impressions).

TikTok Connects Creators and Brands at First South East Asia Creators and Content Marketing Conference
Cheah Sheau Mei, User and Content Operations Manager, TikTok Malaysia
“With a thriving community of content creators and brands excited to foray into short-form video, we are delighted to be a part of the first South East Asia Creators and Content Marketing Conference,” said Cheah Sheau Mei, User and Content Operations Manager, TikTok Malaysia. “We look forward to bringing to life the learnings from this conference as we launch more local partnerships and campaigns, making a significant investment towards the growth of Malaysia’s creative economy.”

TikTok is available in over 150 countries and regions in 75 languages, with a robust localization strategy to encourage users to create and interact with content relevant to local cultures and trends. Download the TikTok app via iOS or Google Play

July 12, 2019

Final Progress report on 2020 Plan

Dell Technologies - Highlights of the 2020 goals achieved ahead of schedule

In 2013, Dell Technologies introduced the 2020 Legacy of Good with ambitious sustainability and social goals to put its technology and expertise to work to do the most good for people and the planet. The final report, which was released today, details how Dell Technologies advanced progress and led many initiatives to solve complex global problems. Goals completed or that the company has made significant progress against so far includes :-

  1. Recovered more than 2 billion pounds of used electronics via responsible recycling through programs such as Dell Reconnect, a partnership with Goodwill, and Dell’s Asset Resale and Recycling Services (achieved 2020 goal ahead of schedule).
  2. Reused 100 million pounds of recycled content, plastic and other sustainable materials in Dell Technologies’ new products (achieved 2020 goal ahead of schedule). 
  3. Developed and maintained sustainability initiatives in 100% of Dell Technologies-operated buildings (achieved 2020 goal ahead of schedule). 
  4. Reduced wastewater discharge in manufacturing by 4.56M cubic meters.
  5. Reduced 64% of product portfolio energy intensity footprint. 
  6. Delivered 5 million service hours to communities globally through initiatives that focused on but were not limited to: Skills-based volunteering, mentoring students, and developing new nonprofit technology solutions (achieved 2020 goal of service hours). 
  7. Enabled eligible team members to participate in flexible work options and increased global participation to 60% (surpassed 2020 goal of 50%).
  8. Achieved 89% or higher favorable responses in team member satisfaction globally (surpassed 2020 goal of 75%).
  9. Allocated more than $3 billion dollars annually to diverse suppliers within supply chain programs and continued to qualify for the Billion Dollar Roundtable.  
  10. Rolled out company-wide foundational learning program focused on mitigating unconscious bias called Many Advocating Real Change (MARC) - with 100% participation from all executives globally.
  11. Recognised by LinkedIn as a 2019 Top Company, by FairyGodBoss as a Top 10 Tech Company according to women working at Dell Technologies, by the Human Rights Campaign’s 2019 Corporate Equality Index as one of the best places to work for LGBTQ Equality (15 consecutive years) and by Ethisphere® Institute as a World’s Most Ethical Company (6 consecutive years).

Dell Technologies Achieves Many 2020 Social Impact Goals Ahead of Schedule

Dell Technologies Achieves Many 2020 Social Impact Goals Ahead of Schedule

Dell Technologies is announcing that it will complete or exceed over 75% of the goals outlined in its 2020 Legacy of Good plan ahead of schedule. These achievements demonstrate how the company has scaled sustainability, empowered people and established technology as an accelerator for positive customer and societal outcomes for years to come. 

A roadmap for progress

Dell Technologies Achieves Many 2020 Social Impact Goals Ahead of Schedule
Progress Made Real
The 2020 Legacy of Good plan set a strong foundation for Dell Technologies’ new 2030 social impact vision, Progress Made Real , which focuses in on three key areas: advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, and transforming lives with technology. Foundational to the vision is a commitment to upholding strong ethics and privacy. This new vision accelerates a path toward 2030 in an effort to begin tackling the greatest challenges facing Dell Technologies’ business and the world over the next decade. The company plans to release specific goals over the coming year and will continue to demonstrate transparent reporting practices.  

Advancing Sustainability

Dell Technologies Achieves Many 2020 Social Impact Goals Ahead of Schedule
Advancing Sustainability 
Dell Technologies believes business plays a critical role in protecting and enriching our planet together with our customers, suppliers and communities. Looking toward 2030, the company will continue to accelerate the circular economy, reduce the impact of Dell’s operations, support customers’ efforts to reduce environmental impacts, and champion the many people who build our products.

  1. After a successful e-waste tracker pilot in partnership with Basel Action Network (BAN), Dell Technologies now makes global tracking technologies part of its existing electronics disposition partner audit program. The pilot program revealed some vulnerabilities in the downstream recycling process, which helped Dell Technologies to quickly take corrective action to address the operational gap.
  2. Dell recently launched a process to use recycled material, Polyvinyl Butyral (rPVB), from car windshields to create the protective, waterproof lining of Dell laptop bags and backpacks. The company is also using an innovative method of solution dyeing for these backpacks, which results in 90% less wastewater and 29% less energy, while generating 62% fewer CO2 emissions compared to typical piece-dyeing. The first bags and backpacks with rPVB began shipping in February and are forecasted to avoid approximately 74,000 pounds of landfill waste per month.
  3. Additionally, in partnership with suppliers Seagate and Teleplan (a storage device recycling/recovery specialist), Dell identified a new closed-loop process to recover the rare earth magnets from recovered enterprise equipment. The magnets are reformed for reuse in new hard-disk drives. In the initial pilot program, we are using the reformed magnets in 25,000 Seagate hard drives for our Dell Latitude 5000 series laptop.  Reusing rare earth metals helps us avoid the need to mine the earth, which can cause environmental damage and health concerns for local communities.

Cultivating Inclusion

In the midst of a talent shortage, closing the diversity gap is critical to meeting future talent needs and for reflecting new perspectives of a global customer base. Dell Technologies is actively building on several non-traditional hiring program pilots to broaden the company’s talent pipeline. Pilots include:

  1. The neurodiversity hiring program provides training and possible full-time career opportunities for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In partnership with HMEA, The Arc of the Capital Area and Neurodiverisity in the Workplace, Dell Technologies’ program removes barriers that may limit an individual from showcasing their true abilities and potential during the typical job interview process. The pilot expanded from Massachusetts to Texas in April, 2019.
  2. Re-entry programs like Dell Career Restart offer a re-entry experience for individuals who have been out of the workforce for a year or more, and leverages their previous career experience in a supportive environment. The company launched pilots in the U.S. and India. 
  3. Skilling and re-skilling programs include Dell Technologies’ partnership with Northeastern University’s Align Program, which enables students from diverse backgrounds to transition into a technology career through intensive coursework to earn a master’s degree in computer science. Project Immersion provides undergraduates at Minority Serving Institutions and Historically Black Colleges & Universities with skills for the digital future. Additionally, Dell Technologies’ distance education Laboratory for People with Disabilities (LE@D) online learning platform, teaches technology-based vocational skills to individuals with motor, hearing or other disabilities in Brazil.

Dell Technologies is also committed to addressing systemic challenges with diversity and inclusion. The company advocates for inclusive public policies and is a member of strategic coalitions like CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, and was also a founding member of the Reboot Representation Tech Coalition.

Transforming Lives with Technology

Dell Technologies Achieves Many 2020 Social Impact Goals Ahead of Schedule
Transforming Lives
Harnessing the power of technology enables limitless possibilities for advancing human progress and solving complex societal challenges. Dell Technologies is committed to applying its portfolio and partnerships to create a future capable of fully realizing human potential.

  1. Dell Technologies continued to expand its solar learning labs to help bridge the educational gap in areas that lack access to consistent energy and technology in partnership with Computer Aid International. These labs are created by transforming shipping containers into classrooms with Dell Wyse Thin Client workstations managed by an air-cooled PowerEdge server for up to 20 students. With solar panels to generate electricity, the container can be deployed in remote locations. Dell Technologies has already funded 18 labs in six countries around the world. Microsoft has recently joined in this collaborative effort, awarding Computer Aid with a Technology for Social Impact grant to further provide technology access through the solar learning labs.
  2. To fight pediatric cancer, Dell Technologies’ donated $30 million dollars over 6 years to Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) through a partnership designed to use technology solutions and employee volunteerism. Through Dell’s technology, TGen increased computational hours by almost 4x, allowing researchers and doctors to identify treatments faster, by turning a patient’s vast DNA and RNA sequencing data into insights.

Upholding Ethics & Privacy

Ethics and privacy play a critical role in establishing a strong foundation for positive social impact. In this time of rapid innovation, big data, an evolving regulatory environment, and increasing expectations from both our team members and customers, our leadership in ethics and privacy is vital to what sets Dell Technologies apart. Our commitment to continually push to higher ethics and privacy standards will be a guidepost for Progress Made Real work.

July 10, 2019

The new Bluetooth technology is launched first in the latest HONOR 20

HONOR 20 Series: Decoding HONOR’s Self-Developed Enhanced Bluetooth that Connects 200 Meters Apart

Ultimate Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth should be a familiar term to most, since it is indispensable in tasks such as transferring files, connecting to wireless speakers and headphones or becoming a standard function for smartphones.
The new Bluetooth technology is launched first in the latest HONOR 20
Honor 20 Series with enhanced bluetooth
Many users enjoy Bluetooth when connecting to devices that are close-by. However, when the devices are further apart, especially when there are obstructions in the environment, the connection becomes unstable or may even experience cut-offs. 

In response to this problem, the recently-launched HONOR 20 introduced an all-new enhanced Bluetooth technology. With the self-developed Hi1103 wireless chipset, the handset can intelligently identify environmental factors and the strength of the Bluetooth signal, thus automatically adjusting the response of the smartphone. At its optimal performance, the HONOR 20 can achieve a steady connection with devices that are 200 meters apart. Enhanced Bluetooth is also far better than ordinary Bluetooth in cases of wall or architectural obstructions. Let us deep-dive into HONOR’s brand-new technology.

The new Bluetooth technology is launched first in the latest HONOR 20
Bluetooth Range Comparison
High-Speed Bluetooth Mode

Pauses in Bluetooth connection can be easily explained. Take Bluetooth headphones for an example, the connection will become unsteady when the transmission power of either the smartphone or headphone is inadequate, or when the signal receptivity is not strong enough. Imagine two people speaking to each other, if one person is not loud enough or if the other person is hard of hearing, the message would not be transferred.

There are hundreds and thousands of Bluetooth handsets on the market with different capabilities, it is not realistic to push all of their ability to send and receive. At present, the only solution is to start from smartphones and improve their ability to send and receive, which was also the original idea of the enhanced Bluetooth.

Firstly, HONOR introduced the brand-new high-speed Bluetooth mode which tackles the transmission process of Bluetooth signals. Transmission power is doubled, so even if the receiver (Bluetooth headphone) is not sensitive, signals will still be sent steadily as the sender’s (smartphone) voice has been heightened. 

In fact, increasing the transmitting power of Bluetooth is a rather simple technology. Another obstacle, however, would be power consumption. Bluetooth itself is not power consuming, but if the high-speed mode is switched on all the time, the battery would be drained at a quicker rate. This is also why high-speed Bluetooth has not been implemented on a larger scale. 

AI Intelligent Scenario Detection

The HONOR R&D team invested a huge amount of research and testing to achieve AI detection of different scenarios. The high-speed mode will only be switched on when truly required by users, and switched off intelligently in other scenarios to strike a perfect balance between performance and power loss. The AI detection process involves a lot of standard analysis, explained below with a simple illustration of retransmission rate and Wi-Fi strength.

For retransmission rate, it was mentioned that headphones will reply to confirm that it has received signals from the smartphone, similar to proving that “I have received this part of the music, please play the next section”. When the smartphone does not receive a reply, its Bluetooth often sends the same signal again to try to connect, which is known as retransmission. HONOR 20 can intelligently detect the frequency of retransmissions; when retransmission rate reaches a certain extent, the high-speed mode is activated in an attempt to connect.

Wi-Fi strength is another important indicator. You may wonder how Wi-Fi affects Bluetooth as they are two different functions. In fact, there are a lot of overlap in aspects such as antenna and radio frequency usage. Hence, users downloading an important document with the high-speed Bluetooth mode on may affect its Wi-Fi processing. To tackle this situation, HONOR 20 has designed a detection mechanism through copious consumer behavior analysis. It intelligently identifies usage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to balance out between the two.

The two indicators only form a small part of HONOR’s unique AI detection process. HONOR 20 analyses a compiled database to decide whether it activates the high-speed Bluetooth mode.

Apart from signal transmission, HONOR 20 also uses the world-leading HiSilicon Bluetooth chip and optimal antenna design for Bluetooth receptivity, usage is not affected even when it is met with headphones with lower transmission power.  

Ultimate Performance Coupled with Safety

The transmission power of Bluetooth itself is low, so even with the high-speed mode activated, its strength is far below other communication tools in our daily lives such as Wi-Fi. Relevant indicators of the HONOR 20 enhanced Bluetooth strictly comply with the international standard of electromagnetic wave SAR, there is no need to worry about any 

In an extreme test, HONOR 20 showed significant advantages over other smartphones with high-speed Bluetooth. When tested with the same BeastX Bluetooth headphone to play music, HONOR 20 achieved a steady connection with devices up to a distance of 244 meters, while results for iPhone Xs Max and Galaxy S10+ were 121 meters and 152 meters respectively. 

Honor 20 comes with Enhanced Bluetooth

HONOR 20 Series: Decoding HONOR’s Self-Developed Enhanced Bluetooth that Connects 200 Meters Apart

The recently-launched HONOR 20 introduced an all-new enhanced Bluetooth technology that enables the HONOR 20 to achieve a steady connection with devices up to 200 meters apart! HONOR’s “Super Bluetooth” is independently developed using the Hi1103 chip that powers AI algorithms to intelligently identify environmental factors to automatically improve the strength of the Bluetooth signal, whenever it is weak. 

HONOR 20 Series: Decoding HONOR’s Self-Developed Enhanced Bluetooth that Connects 200 Meters Apart
Honor 20 comes with Enhanced Bluetooth
The high-speed mode will only be switched on when required, and automatically switched off in different scenarios to allow the HONOR 20 to achieve the AI detection for different scenarios.

Apart from the signal transmissions, the HONOR 20 also uses the world leading HiSilicon Bluetooth chip and optimal antenna design for Bluetooth receptivity, where usage is not affected even when it is met with headphones with lower transmission power.  

The latest HONOR flagship, HONOR 20 is equipped with the latest Kirin 980 AI Chipset at 128GB+6GB. Pricing at RM 1,699, the HONOR 20  is available in two colour variants; Midnight Black and Sapphire Blue on Shopee and HES nationwide. 

July 9, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0") - A Compact Solution For All Your Needs

Affordable  “one for all” - Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0") 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0")
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0") 
Model - Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0") 
Price - RM599.00
Weight - 347g
Display - 8.0” WXGA TFT (1,280 x 800)
CMF - Metal
AP - Qualcomm (QUAD 2.0 GHz)
Memory - 2GB + 32GB
Camera - 8MP AF + 2MP
Speaker - Dual Speaker
Battery - 5,100mAh
Port - Micro USB
microSD - Up to 512GB

Samsung Malaysia Electronics is introducing its new Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0"), the affordable “one for all” solution to your needs.

At an affordable price, users can own the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0") that promises brilliant performance. It enhances users’ tablet experience with longer battery life, faster and smoother performance speed, as well as extra storage for more content. For users who multitask, its Samsung One UI allows a two-column layout that lets users view more content at once.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0") - A Compact Solution For All Your Needs
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019)
Under its Kids Home feature, children can access learning contents that are available in secure mode, and at the same time, parents can prevent their kids from screen time overdose by setting the playtime limit.

Besides its practical functions, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0") comes in two premium metallic colours – black and silver. It offers a wider and more comfortable viewing experience that requires only one hand to manage.

Visit the Samsung Online Store for further details: https://www.samsung.com/my/tablets/galaxy-tab-a-2019-t295/SM-T295NZSAXME/

Dell Technologies Unified Workspace Revolutionises  the Way People Work

Dell Technologies Unified Workspace & Latitude LaunchDell Technologies

Dell Technologies Unified Workspace & Latitude LaunchDell Technologies introduces Unified Workspace to help IT transform the end-user experience. This visionary approach to end-user computing will give workers a frustration-free, ready-to-work experience, while enabling IT with automated, open and intelligent solutions for unified management. Dell Technologies Unified Workspace will revolutionise the way IT admins assist and enable their end users with device selection, deployment, security, management and support through flexible, scalable services and solutions that integrate with any customer environment, regardless of OS, device and cloud environment

“IT departments today still struggle with basic tasks like PC deployment, help desk requests, and monitoring and troubleshooting, and are often unable to focus on transformative initiatives for employee experience. What they need is a solution that gives employees a frustration-free, ready-to-work experience, while enabling IT with automated, open and intelligent solutions for unified management,” explained KT Ong, Country Manager – Malaysia, Dell Technologies. 
Dell Technologies Unified Workspace platform does just that – enabling IT admins to assist and enable their end-users with device selection, deployment, security, management and support in any customer environment, regardless of OS, device and cloud preference.”

Enabling IT to empower workers

Dell Technologies Unified Workspace helps make customers’ workforce transformation a reality by allowing IT to streamline time-consuming, complex, yet critical tasks with capabilities that provide visibility, insights and automation. The integrated platform allows customers to begin wherever they need the most help – whether it’s in the selection process or deployment or even security or management – and then move to the next priority until they have the full Unified Workspace experience to enable IT and empower workers. 

Modernising PC deployment and management from the cloud

Traditional PC lifecycle management (PCLM) is high-touch, expensive and does not scale to increasingly mobile and remote workers. With VMware Workspace ONE as the backbone of Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, customers can utilise unified endpoint management technology to modernise how they deploy, manage and secure their Dell devices. 

Once a device is deployed, unified endpoint management capabilities from Workspace ONE make it possible for customers to move beyond traditional PCLM with cloud policy management, streamlined application delivery, automated patching and improved device health monitoring and diagnostics. Workspace ONE delivers a unified, digital workspace experience as employees can seamlessly access any native, SaaS or internal application with single sign on from any device.

Through our integration with Microsoft, customers will benefit from Microsoft 365, Workspace ONE, and Dell Provisioning and Deployment Services seamlessly enabling world-class, modern IT deployment and end-user productivity.

Transforming selection and deployment with insightful data

Using data-driven insights that assess how the worker is using their PC – from the battery consumption and storage utilisation to mobility requirements and most frequently used applications – Dell Technologies will help customers select the right PC and applications for each employee, shipping the devices preconfigured directly from the Dell factory to the end users. This data-driven, low-touch experience helps save IT time and money, allowing them to focus their resources on other strategic projects while enabling workers with personalised devices and access to data and applications so they are immediately productive when they first boot up. 

A part of this experience is in action today with Dell provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE, which allows organisations to ship devices preconfigured with company applications and settings directly from the Dell factory to end users. This method can save up to nearly a week of IT time per 1,000 devices deployed.

Reimagining BIOS security with visibility and integration

Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated and BIOS has become an area of increasing concern for customers. Storing the BIOS standards off-host ensures the user is looking at an untampered version of the BIOS standards as opposed to competitors who store the BIOS information on the hardware device itself, which can become corrupted. With Unified Workspace, Dell Technologies is introducing a new capability to Dell SafeBIOS – an off-host BIOS verification utility available as a standalone download and also integrated with VMware Workspace ONE, Secureworks and CrowdStrike. 

The integration provides greater visibility into the integrity of the BIOS. Security operations can now proactively detect attacks against their BIOS using their CrowdStrike console and access best-of-breed insights with Secureworks. With this visibility, IT can set up automated workflows in Workspace ONE to push over-the-air updates to bring out-of-compliance devices back into compliance. The ability to tie measurements directly into Secureworks threat intelligence, CrowdStrike threat detection and VMware Workspace ONE device health provides an additional level of monitoring and visibility. 

This builds on other components within Unified Workspace to keep endpoints secure, such as Dell SafeGuard and Response, a comprehensive threat management portfolio of next-generation, endpoint-security solutions that combines the managed security, incident response expertise and threat behavioral analytics of Secureworks with the unified endpoint protection platform from CrowdStrike.

Intuitive Support at IT’s Fingertips

Threaded throughout Unified Workspace is predictive and proactive support that becomes more insightful, actionable and personalised over time. For example, Dell ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist has helped customers reduce time to resolve a failed hard drive up to 11x faster. With even more telemetry, IT can support their end users with real-time visibility, proactive fixes and prescriptive updates. 

Honor - Magic UI 2.1 and EMUI 9.1

Honor EMUI 9.1 is available in August and Magic 2.1 is available now

The EMUI 9.1 update will be available for the HONOR 7X, View 10, 8X, 10 Lite, 20 Lite, Play, 10, and 8 Pro. 
Honor EMUI 9.1 is available in August and Magic 2.1 is available now
Honor EMUI 9.1 and Magic 2.1 Updates
The new OS will bring performance upgrades as below:
  • New EROFS (Extendable Read-Only file system) super file system to improve the read and write performance of flash memory with a 20% increase of read speed, compared to the EXT4 file system.
  • GPU Turbo 3.0 that is compatible with 25 of the most popular games currently.
  • Reduce SoC power consumption by up to 10%. 
  • Illustrated functionality" that provides instructions and descriptions in a more engaging way.
  • Huawei Share OneHop allows for file transfer between Huawei MateBook, HONOR and Huawei flagship phones with a single tap.
  • New wallpapers and app icons.
For more information on HONOR Malaysia and its innovative products, please visit HONOR’s official e-commerce website and information portal at http://hihonor.com/my, or check out the official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HonorMY/ for other exciting updates.

NTT - The Leading Global Technology Services Company

NTT Launch A New Global Technology Services Provider

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT Corporation) launched NTT Ltd., a world-leading global technology services provider that brings together the capabilities of 28 companies, including NTT Communications, Dimension Data and NTT Security into one US $11 billion business on the July 1st 2019. 
NTT - The Leading Global Technology Services Provides
Shape your outcomes through intelligent technology solutions by NTT
NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company. As a global ICT provider,  employ more than 40,000 people in a diverse and dynamic workplace that spans 57 countries, trading in 73 countries and delivering services in over 200 countries. 
NTT - The Leading Global Technology Services Provides
Clients, people and communities transform with NTT
Partners with over 10,000 clients around the world including the world’s leading organizations in financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy & utilities, manufacturing, automotive and technology sectors. Companies already benefitting from NTT’s intelligent technology solutions to deliver on the promise of a connected future include Tour de France, ALMA, City of Las Vegas, Connected Conservation, ISPPC, Alcatel and NXP. 

NTT - The Leading Global Technology Services Provides
Enable the connected future with NTT
NTT Ltd. is offering :-
  1. Clients access to a more comprehensive range and greater depth of skills across multiple technologies and capabilities
  2. Global technology and managed services that are world leading in scale and depth
  3. Improved ability to deliver more in-depth industry solutions for our clients
  4. World-class managed services platforms with the ability to deliver local customizations to meet clients’ needs in each market
  5. Increased investment in innovation and R&D.

Further information can be found on their website, here.