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How to replace Celcom Sim Card

   Greeting everyone! I has been lost my phone on this week. *haiz*  So I try to call the Celcom Customer Care but I kinda disappointed me because they never answer my call. Probably there are a lot of people calling also. So is okay about that.

   I been search on-line how to replace the Celcom sim card. But apparently, there is not really has the step-by-step or procedure to replace the sim card. Moreover, when I try to search for the Celcom shop/centre though good and the result is making me have some difficulty to know which shop/centre that able to replace the sim card.

   So I decided to write the step-by-step to replace the Celcom prepaid sim card. The step-by-step is really easy.
My replacement Celcom Sim Card
  1. Go to the https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/helpsupport/findastore and get the nearest shop/centre. Choose for the Blue Cube/Celcom Centre.If you from KL area, I commanded you all to go Pavillion. Moreover, the authority at Pavillion is really friendly.
  2. Tell the authority there, that you want to replace your Celcom sim card.
  3. There will ask for your number and maybe need to see your identity card for confirmation.
  4. The authority will replace your Celcom sim card instantly. It took like 5minutes! *Seriously*
  5. As usual the celcom sim card can be used after 1 hour.
   Before I end this, I hope this information can help other people that needed. I has experience the hard way so I hope other wont need to rush from one place to another place. Do comment if needed :).