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Hot Weather!

   Mine class end around 4.30 pm, when I just want to walk out from the entrance, I can feel the horrible whether. Unfortunately, there is no bus available yet during that time to LRT station. Basically, I will used mine university facilities to reach LRT station. If that time I need to wait for 1 hour to wait for the bus to go mine destination.

   So, I decided to walk from mine place to LRT station. It took around 15-20 minutes for me to reach mine destination. As I mention, the weather is extremely hot. When I walk toward mine destination, I saw a ice-cream stall.

   I was pass-by the ice-cream stall and suddenly I stopped and turned around toward the ice-cream stall. I saw few people ordering the same pattern. The ice-cream is taken with bread. The bread is cut into half and the ice-cream is putting at the middle. The combination the hot weather with the ice-cream is extremely match. Last but not least, price is reasonable.

Sandwish Ice Cream Bukit Jalil Stadium
My Ice-cream !
I took this picture before I taste it. Combination ice-cream with bread was awesome. Moreover, there is 3 scoops of ice-cream with different flavours (chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla)

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