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Mine first laptop- E4200 Experience

   Hey readers! Do you hear or seem before this laptop/netbook model Dell Latitude E4200? Basically, this is a quite old model. It does't have number pad like normal basic laptop that come with. It have used this laptop for quite sometimes already.

   Reader will curious why I writing this laptop for? This is because this laptop is the first laptop that I have used. This laptop have serve me well. This laptop is not gaming laptop/pro laptop or anything. It just a normal laptop. But eventually it serve me really well. 

   The frames per second also known as fps are below 30. In computer theory, the basic fps must on 60. Even the fps was quite low but I don't really that care so much. I believe that even though it low fps , with skill and determination I still able to do the task or play game just like normal people. 

   What does this laptop effect me? Dear reader, this laptop have give a lot of contribution toward me in physically, mentally and emotionally.

   As you know if laptop accidentally spoil water toward mine laptop, majority the laptop will spoil right? Mine laptop did experience it, but mine laptop never spoil nor become uncontrollable. What mean by uncontrollable? It means when you want the laptop to perform any task, it can't be done. 

   Mine laptop experience this become of mine friend named "Mr.Rose". This happen when Mr.Rose was sit beside me while I doing mine stuff in the discussion room. His drink was at the table. When he suddenly saw a pretty girl pass-by, his hand suddenly touch the drink and it directly poor toward mine laptop. On that time, we all in stunned condition. I quickly turn off mine laptop and get tissues to clean it. After awhile of the laptop to dry, then I switch it on. It just perform like as usual. What a magic that have happen?

   Still now mine laptop did serve me well but unfortunately something that happen to mine laptop. Mine laptop screen become a bit weird. This happen currently, I also not sure how it happen. Before I left mine house to go university, I still used mine laptop but when I reach university, I feel I want to used mine laptop to write blog so I on it. When I on it, this has become like the picture below. Even though it still like that, I still used it till it end of the story.