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Our Team (Malaysian Studies)

   Morning peeps! Hope everyone will have a wonderful day. MLY is a compulsory course that need to be take by every university student. The couses that we need to be take is Malaysian Studies. 

   In this courses, we need to learn history of our country. Why history is important? Anyone knows? Actually, history did give us a lot of experience and also knowledge that we never face and gain before. For example, back to year 18XX, there is no cellphone/computer nor laptop, how does they communicate? Without nowadays latest technology help, I don't think everyone can get the answer so easily. Does everyone agree with this?

   I still remember the first days joining this courses, our lecture ask us to form a team consist of multi culture and different gender. The team capacity is only 13 persons.

   Eventually, I just took within 5-10 minutes to form mine team. After form the teams, I just sitting down relaxing chit chat with mine friends while waiting for the lecture. 
   After passing mine team name, there start our first task as a team. We require to do debate consist of 4 person for debating and another 4 person for Question&Answer section(Q&A).

   Our topic is "Our house strongly supports that freedom of expression in cyberspace brings more harms that good". We need to support that statement. We waste a lot of times finding information for this debate and even practices also.
APU | APPIIT Marc Soon Malaysian Studies Team 2013
Weird Post XD!
This is mine Malaysian Studies team. We all did have a same thing that is we all wear blazer/coat. Everyone have this own"pattern" in the picture. XD

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