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Thailand (MV) I dont know the name

   Basically I don't like to see any MV nor movie. I should that for mine friend that share this MV for me. It really change mine perception regarding on thinking people feeling. 

   When the time mine friend show me this videos, I want to ignore it but suddenly I feel want to have a look it. I really change mine lifestyle toward relationship.

   This MV is about a girl that love her boyfriend very much till she can forget him, even though her boyfriend did a lot stuff that hardly to forgive. 

   I would like to thanks to someone that really help me on finding back this MV because I really don't know the name and it really hard for me to find it. I did put a lot of time on finding this MV. 

   Moreover, sometime ago, I did have a gal that I really like but I keep imagine she was the girl in the MV. I really scare that she will get hurt by her boyfriend. That why I did a lot of thing that consider "Stupid" toward her. That all already been mine memories. I should say even thought that is not a good experience but at least I did mine best toward it. Here is the MV.

I really would special thanks to a girl that help me find this song. Sorry I not sure about her name also but I will update as soon as possible I get know her name ~

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