December 5, 2013


   Assignment is something that need to be done by every university or colleagues students. Basically what is assignment? Assignment is the task that require the we as student to do for our courses.Assignment is also must be done in a period of time that is required. Moreover, assignment can be in individual or group.

   In modern lifestyle, as student we just need internet to get information that we needed for the assignment. It is definitely easy that previous time. This is because every detail that needed can be obtained by searching. Since the detail can be easily there is small amount of people that will used the powerful skill "copy and paste" someone work(refer to assignment) to become our work. 

   Assignment can actually test our mutually. Why I say so? This is because every assignment has their own aim to be achieve. To achieve the goal, there is a lot of things that need to be full-fill. If we as the student doing assignment like never put effort on that, better than we don't do it. This is because assignment can be defined as our life cycle. As we know assignment is require task, so that task is what we need to do to achieve our goal in life.

   As the conclusion is up to the reader to think what is assignment for? Will you done the assignment in the hardest way or the easiest way? There is no offend on any people. Hahas