December 1, 2013

It's Watch-Polo Collection

   I have a watch that I been used for past few years(8 years and still counting. It's ordinary watch for others people but not for me. This watch really serve me well.

   Usually everything that I have, they cant even keep it for few month and so on :X . Mostly it will break/damage by either coincidence or I spoil it :3.
Polo Collection - Marc Soon Joo Yee
My cute watch *hahahaha*
   This watch stop when all the needle join together. It happen few month ago, I saw taking off mine watch on midnight. Usually I doesn't wear watch when sleeping. It feel weird. So I took mine watch off. The time show 12 in midnight. It thought coincidence so I never bother so I when to sleep.

   On the day after yesterday, I just wear the watch and never see the time. This is because usually looked in mine smartphone's time. When I reach Masjib Jamek LRT, I saw the train going to close(*sound*), I quickly rushing inside. Eventually that train going to Ampang not Sri Petaling. How I know because I saw the signboard saying. 

   So I decided to left the train and waiting for another train so I can reach mine destination. When at that station, I looked at mine watch. Guess what I shocked! What!!!! Now just 12 am only and on that time I just wonder "Am I in mine lalaland?"(dreamland). Before today, I was watching horror movie and the time about this time. 

   Now, mine watch back to operate. Eventually, mine watch not a branded watch but for me that enough. For me, this watch really awesome. At least, 'he' give me a good memories~ :)

   How about your guys watch? Did they give you a good memories too? Share with us by commenting ~ Appreciate every single comment.

Watch Detail:-
  • Polo Collection*
  • Bilano Version*
  • Sapphire Crystal*
  • Stainless Steel*
  • 3ATM Water Resistant*