December 3, 2013

Lets On Energize (Nescafe)

   Greetings! Guess what today is mine Quantitative Method aka (QM) Test 1.What is this? This is combination on mathematics & additional mathematics. 

   Yesterday, I study for quite sometime but I still afraid also. This is due to I lack of practices on this courses. I know it hard to get fail, but what I afraid was I cant get mark/grade that I expected to get. Overall,  I will try myself so that I wont regret even thought I never get the mark/grade that I expected.

   Majority will study till late night before a day of actual exam right? It go same with me. It's easy to study for last minute but we will feel tired after that. Sometime, we will oversleep for the exam. We really need a energize drink on the morning time so that we enable us to concentrate for the exam. When we feel sleepy/ not enough sleep, we unable to give 100% focus for the exam.

   Today mine drink of the day is not other than Nescafe Latte. The taste is so awesome. It give me a refresh day. How about you all? 
Nescafe Latte Can | APU | APPIIT Life Marc Soon
This is Nescafe Latte! Have a try today^^