December 8, 2013

Love Twisting

   It been awhile that few month has past and I still single. Time past like a wind blow. Seriously I really never regret what I have did for last few month. I did have a girl that I like but in the end we never been together. I guess it should be good to be just friends.

   When I see the movie that mine friend posted (Ong Lai Fan aka Nanas), I was curious what the movie is this. Will this like the romantic movie? I don't really watch movie that people posted except I did have the mood/instead only.

   It not a wrong to like/love a person that whether he/she shouldn't like/love you also. It mean that everyone have the freedom to do love/like anyone that they like/love except they're breaking law.

   The movie at the bottom really shows scene that happen nowadays. I just majority of people have experience on this. This movie scene show a determination of a guy that never give up to do anything to a girl that he like even though that girl treat him like damn bad.

   I don't want to say too much and just want to say that enjoy this movie ya  and click "Like" for this movie at YouTube!Thanks a lot :D 

If the movie above doesn't work please inform me and this movie link by clicking >Love Twisting

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