December 16, 2013

Secret Recipe Anniversary 2013

Secret Recipe Emblem & Anniversary 2013
Secret Recipe 
   Been a long time I have not wrote for the blogs. This is because I quite busy on mine university thingy that need to do done as soon as possible. Before I start anything, I would like to say Hello!

   Did you ever try Secret Recipe before? Majority 80% will say " Of course I try before!". But for me this is the first time. I usually not have a lot time to eat wonderful food. I just have secret recipe last month because they have promotion. What a good timing for me.

  On that time of promotion, I have order 1 slide of cake and eventually you will get 1 more slide for free and a candy crush set. This is a awesome ideas that been made by Secret Recipe. They have use the latest applications game to make their menu more easy to remember. 

   Moreover,the price is reasonable for the slide of cakes and also the set. It just worth below RM30. The cheese cake is really nice compare with others. Besides that, I really like the chocolates cake with ice-cream. That is a good combination that I really love it. About the set that I have choose, the taste also really good and I do enjoy the time eating.

Cheese Cake Secret Recipe Anniversary 2013
This is the Secret Recipe "Cheese Cake"
Chocolate Cake With Ice Cream Layer Secret Recipe Anniversary 2013
This is the Secret Recipe "Chocolate Cake With Ice Cream Layer"
Candy Crush Set Secret Recipe Anniversary 2013
This is one of the "Candy Crush Set" that been made by Secret Recipe