January 5, 2014

Gartien (小田佳园) @Penang Island

   Greeting! Did you guys like pineapple? I guess majority people like pineapples. Today I would like to introduce people about Gartien (小田佳园).

   Guess what Gartien (小田佳园) selling? Anyone know this? This company is selling cake with pineapple. Did you ever heard about this before? Did you guys this about this before? Guess what if you guys haven hear or try about it. I recommend you guys to try it.

   This is the first time I try Gartien (小田佳园) also. First of all, I shocked because cake with pineapple. Did you kidding me? Did it really taste nice? Did is a good combination? I keep asking this question to myself. No matter how I asking myself, if I never try I doesn't know the answer.

   In the end, I try it. The first bite make me shocked and stunned. This is because when the first bite of the cake, it really have taste of pineapple and the cake is not so thick. Chinese people always say "Kan Kan Hao".

Gartien (小田佳园)
Gartien (小田佳园) 

Gartien (小田佳园)
This is one of the capture that I have take for Gartien (小田佳园)
Gartien (小田佳园)
This is the Gartien (小田佳园) packs look inside.
This is the latest packing. By the way, Chinese New Year around the corner. This can be gift to bought house to eat together with family. Click the bottom link for more information of Gartien (小田佳园).

Gartien (小田佳园) Facebook Page:- Gartien Facebook Page