New Year 2014 Celebration at Straits Quay( Part 2)

   Greeting everyone. Sorry I took so long to post New Year 2014 Celebration at Straits Quay( Part 2).This is because the videos file is quite huge. If the video is quite blur, I hereby apologize because maybe mine  gadget is not so good and also mine skill also not so well but I hope you guys enjoy it .

Part 1:-

   This is one of the song that sing by Chakora Band at Straits Quay on 31 December 2013. Basically this band sing a lot of English song but in this video, this band sing an old chinese song name "我的心裡沒有他" or "Wo De Xin Li Zhi You Ni Mei You Da". This is one of the part song only. Their voice is really attracted attention till I forget to take full version.

Click this Link for the video at YouTube:- Live Band (Chinese Song) @Straits Quay

Part 2:-

   This is one of the event that Straits Quay. If I not mistaken this known as Street Performer. Do correct me if I did any mistake. This is because they perform at the street that able people to interact with them. In this video, a lot of people were joining them dancing and singing. Moreover, as viewers, we also enjoying ^^

Click this Link for the video at YouTube:- Street Performance @ Straits Quay & Street Performance (2) @Strait Quay

Part 3:-

In this video, this is a shocking and unexpected by everyone. Guess what a young girl is dancing while the Chakora Band are singing on the stage. This girl is so talents and we all that watch her really enjoy on that time. I wish I have chance to dance with her.

Click this Link for the video at YouTube:- Profesional Dancer @Straits Quay

Part 4:-

   In this video, the young girl is also dancing when Chakora Band sings song name "YMCA". While she dancing, suddenly pop out another guy. This guy is dancing with the talent girl. Guess what both of them really enjoy it.

Click this Link for the video at YouTube:- YMCA (2) @Straits Quay & YMCA @Straits Quay

Part 5:-

   This is part that everyone down the stage is enjoying. DJ Freeze is on the house! Thanks DJ Freeze that give us "KIT". By the way, this DJ is so pretty and when she take out her jacket, majority people either male or female is SCREAMING.

Click this link for DJ Freeze Facebook Page:- DJ Freeze

Click this Link for the video at YouTube:- DJ Freeze @ Straits Quay

Part 6:-

   This is the best part that everyone waiting for. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! SAY GOODBYE 2013 and WELCOME 2014. Nothing to say on this part sorry for some "Fxx" because my friend use my phone to capture firework and suddenly he off my phone. Hahahaha. I guess Straits Quay give the best firework compare to others. 

Click this Link for the video at YouTube:- Fire work @Straits Quay & Firework (2) @Straits Quay

   This is how is welcome mine 2014. How about all the readers? How did you guys celebrate it?^^ Once again, I would like to apologize if the videos it too blur/ too unclear. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!