January 26, 2014

True Lover Tester

   Hello everyone. Today when I scrolling my new feed at Facebook, I was saw an article that took my attention. As usual, I open it up and read what it about. Guess what, it is a new gadget that made by Japanese people. As we know, Japanese quite famous about doing new stuff.

True Love Tester
A guy try to open the bra

   On the article, it is about True Lover Tester. What is this? Basically, this is a bra that will open by itself if she in love. A bra can be test "true love"? There's an app for that. Oh, and of course, a bra.

   This gadget sounds vaguely like the smart bra Microsoft has been working on. More over is also use concept just like Nintendo's Love Tester.

There is the trailer of the videos:-

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