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What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1310)

Hey everyone... Time past really fast till it come to the end of the MLY course. Actually our group is just same like other people groups. Basically, we also just a normal student. Our group have quite a number of people. *laugh die me* around 14 people only whereas everyone 13 people.

Our group also consists of multi racial because we are 1 Malaysia. Lets me proud of yourself. *blush* Stop the nonsense lets go to the point. This blog i write today is to thank all my group member that supporting and also helping each others in time to time.

Actually this is the first time we become a group and really do as a group. What mean by do as a group?* I guess* As a team, no matter what task is given we need to united together and done it together. That is what I mean as "do as a group.

I guess a lot of people thought our group got of talented people but actually we also same like what other people is. We look like really know everything but eventually we know just what you all know. *Don't kill me my members :P*

Moreover we did have a lot fighting in terms not real fighting but like argument, misunderstanding,and a lot more among each others. But in the end, we still united as friends and we apologize too. Actually, we have fighting because we never know each other well but after the fight we become more closer and we know each other more. So remember must fight with your member *believe it and must try it*

   I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all my group members if I did anything that hurt you all. I not mean to do that but sometime emotion and the situation that cant unexpected. I hope you all don't keep in mind too. Besides, I would like to say thank you for all of you that really help me and fellow members too. I did learn a lot from you all and really appreciate what have been done for this group too.

Lets me show some memories moment that we did on our last time meet up for the MLY discussion. Hope you guy enjoy it :D
What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
Guess what he's watching "are,aru,ieka" because that day they so pretty :D

What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
He the smiling to the max. Probably someone make him smile *hehex*

What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
Someone eat mandarin and BO JIO! COCONUT LA *see got proof here* 

What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
He is acting how to be serious (epic moment) *kill people that capture this picture not me ahh*

What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
Can see she is teaching me more than I teaching her.

What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
See actually I also teaching her and we loo so focusing *blerkkkk*

What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
Don't JEALOUS la please! Ask you help her you don't want in the end you STARE at US :P

What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
As you can see my boss is watching us presenting and act PROFESSIONAL ! COCONUT! pattern a lot la

Soon Joo Yee
See I'm posting my finger and it really awesome *blush*

What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
Somehow they took this picture. Probably someone admired him *admit that coconut*

Soon Joo Yee & Sujindharan
As you can see me and my member is acting cute. Anyone want join us?^^
What We Do Together For MLY (UCF1305)
This is the MY MLY TEAM* Thum Choon Tat not really well that day when we present but in our heart he always in the picture*
Thanks for viewer my blog and before I put a full-stop, lets me introduce all group my member. *hehex* REMEMBER MUST MISS ME :P 
  • Joshua Jebaraj Joseph
  • Ryan Neville Raja
  • Indhiran Mohan a/l Manimohan
  • Khairunnisa Aqilah binti Khalid
  • Dayallen a/l Karunakaran
  • Sujindharan a/l Narayanasamy
  • Mohamed Hazim bin Mohamed Zaid
  • Pravin a/l Vijayandran
  • Siti Norazrina bt Abdul Razak
  • Siti Norazlina bt Abual Razak
  • Thum Choon Tat
  • Ngui Tze Ken
  • John Verghese Cherian

Among them majority is haven attracted by anyone

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