March 11, 2014

Kafe Vietnam Noodles & Rice and everything nice @Puchong

   Hello everyone. Have you all enjoyed Vietnamese cuisine before? Well, I, for one, always enjoy good food with variety.

   Back to few days back, I was walking along Jalan Puteri, Bandar Puteri at Puchong and this interesting Kafe Vietnam caught my eyes.

Kafe Vietnam Noodles&Rice @Puchong
Kafe Vietnam signboard 

   I ordered the Mien Ca (Vietnamese)-is also known as Chicken Noodles from the Menu Pho Mien Bun (Vietnamese) -is also known as Various Noodles. This Mien Ca can be prepared with Co The Chon Hu Tieu, Mi, Bun Hay Banh Pho- is bring the same means Glass Noodle, Yellow Mee, or Bee Hoon. For my food, I have choose the Glass Noodles for Mein Ca.

Mien Ga with Glass Noodles
Mien Ga with Glass Noodles

Kafe Vietnam Noodles & Rice and everything nice @Puchong
The Vegetable such as tauge, lime, and others
Chicken Noodles from Kafe Vietnam
The sauce that comes with the noodles

   I have been told that the vegetables inside the basket need to be added to the noodles. The lime will be squeeze into the sauce and the sauce will mix together. After that, half of the sauce will be added to the noodles and another will be drip for the meat and others.

   The chicken noodles is well prepared. It really fascinate me. As you all can see, this is the first time I had Vietnamese cuisine. The first impression for the food is really great.

Kafe Vietnam Noodles & Rice and everything nice @Puchong
My noodles after mixing up everything that required.

   I was surprised by the serving of the side dishes. It was Goi Cuon- is known as Fresh Spring Rolls.

Fresh Spring Rolls-Prawn
Fresh Spring Rolls-Prawn

   The fresh spring rolls consist of prawns, glass noodles and some vegetables that wrap in rice paper. The taste was different but delicious. The uumph came from the special sauce. I really enjoy the spring rolls with the sauce.

   All in all, it was truly sumptuous. I recommend this to all my readers.

Kafe Vietnam Noodles & Rice and everything nice
No.1 , Jalan Puteri 4/1, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.

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