April 24, 2014

Brick Mansions -2014 Special Screening

   Greeting everyone. I would like to thanks to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp for giving the movie ticket last night. Besides that, I would like to thank to my brother-in-law for fetching me there to watch this Brick Mansions together.This movie is related on Paul Walker. As we know that Paul Walker is already past away. I will disappointed because not able toe see him in action again.
Brick Mansions
Brick Mansions  Special Screening

   Lets start, Paul Walker is act as Damien Collier. Who is he? He is the undercover police that will try his best to caught all drug dealer. His hope is to take down RZA act as Tremaine( one of the drug dealer from Brick Mansions). Tremaine is the one who killed Damien Collier's father.

Tremaine with his gang

   Besides that, Damien Collier will be helped by someone called  David Belle that act as  Lino. Lino is one of the martial art fighter. There is a lot of incredible screen between Damien Collier with Lino. Damien Collier been told that Tremaine's hijacking minatory vehicle that consists of nuclear bomb.

   This is the chance for Damien Collier to take down Tremaine and shut down the nuclear bomb before it exploded. Moreover, Lino ex girlfriend's has been caught by Tremaine on the same time.
Brick Mansion Mustang's
Mustang inside Brick Mansion

Brick Mansions
Incredible action from Lino and Damien Collier

   Will the nuclear bomb explode? Will Damien Collier able to reverge for his father and will Lino able to save his ex girlfriend? Today is the movie screen for Brick Mansions. There is no regret to watch this movie. Check it out on the nearest movie cinema.

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