May 27, 2014

Bookurve Malaysia Online Bookstore

   Greeting everyone. I would like to thanks Lian Shen ( behalf of founder Bookurve) for share with me his awesome webpage.

Founder Bookurve Lian Shen on the right while Hossein Arabi on the left side

   Anyone heard before about Bookurve? Bookurve is a Malaysia's Online Bookstore. The generation young(Gen Y) such as Lian Shen and Hossein Arabi are the founder of Bookurve.

   Bookurve mission is to promote reading habits among Malaysians with the largest books title selection at a lower price with fast and free delivery* to the readers."

   Bookurve are focusing on the FOUR element as below:-

  1. Largest book selection in all the Online Bookstore.
  2. Able to provide fast delivery and low cost (Imported books will be delivered within 2-3 weeks)
  3. Bookurve will reply the customer enquiry within 10 minutes.
  4. Free delivery throughout the whole of Peninsular Malaysia*
   Besides that, Bookurve is sells book more on genres that can be found in any conventional bookshops. Recently, Bookurve is having more than 20,000 books titles that able to ship within 24 hours (1 day). Soon, Bookurve will getting books from UK and also Canada.

Both founder is busy editing and we can see that all booked is arrange nicely.

   For the past few weeks, Bookurve has been interviewed by the The Star. For more information . In addition, Bookurve also available in App StoreFor more information .

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