May 3, 2014

Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine-Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

   Greeting all. Back to few week ago, me and my friend (Weng Cheong) want to try something different since we had a tiring day. We been travel from places to places to settle some stuff. Can be say we kicking off the day about 10am and end around 5pm. It really took a long time and I hope this will be the last time do those stuff.

   Actually from the start we never think of having dinner at Pavillion because it really quite expensive there. I need to replace my celcom sim card so I need to go there so ( post related click here: )

   After done replace the sim card so we went for our (lunch+dinner) at Bosphorus. Bosphorus is located at 6th floor. Bosphorus is a Turkish restaurant

Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine
Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine

   I saw this interesting information from Bosphorus menu. So I decided to share this "Turkish cuisine is known as one of the best in the world. It is not only very tasty, but also very rich in its variety, Many dishes reflect diverse cultural influences, such as Central Asian, Middle Eastern as well as European. As the first and only Turkish fine-dining restaurant in the Klang Valley, we are proud to serve you some of the best and most popular Turkish dishes." The decoration of the restaurant is really nice.

Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine
Dining place at Bosphorus

   Here is what me and my friend has ordered of our (lunch+dinner). Sorry if the photo is not clear and if the dishes name is wrong.* I have order Iskender Kebab. It is a lamb doner served on pide bread with tomato sauce, yogurt and lemon butter. The Iskender Kebab is cost RM48.80. I quite like the kebab and the sauce is quite delicious also. 

   And my friend called Eggplant Kebab. It is a grilled eggplant and minced lamb served with tomato and chilli. This main dishes cost RM46.80. I like this kebab. It really tasty and feel want to get another after done. Ohya, I almost forgot we get free bread and Humus.

Bread and Humus-Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine
Bread and Humus

Iskender Kebab-Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine
Iskender Kebab

Eggplant Kebab-Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine
Eggplant Kebab

Here is my recommendation for the drink. When the first time I saw the menu I was attract by a drink known as Ayran- Yogurt Drink under categories fresh fruit juices. I was wondering why yogurt is under fruit. So we decided to call for a try of Ayran and also Turkish tea. Ayran is only RM8.80 while Turkish tea is cost RM4.80 if not mistaken. Ovarall we do like the food and have a relaxing time at there too.

Turkish Tea-Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine
Turkish Tea

Ayran-Yorgurt Drink-Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine
Ayran-Yogurt Drink

Hmmmm, here is the reaction when we had the first tries of the Ayran Drink. Which do you think is you when you have a try of this drink?

Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine
First choice

Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine
Second Choice

If you want to see more picture on this Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cuisine is available at

Bosphorus - Fine Turkish Cuisine
6.33, Level 6,
KL Pavilion Shopping Centre,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL.
Tel : 03-2142 4000