Ah Cheng Laksa

   Greeting everyone! Have you all hear before about Ah Cheng Laksa? Ah Cheng Laksa has its origins dated back over 50 years in a small town in Alor Seter, Kedah.

One of the Ah Cheng Laksa Kiosk

   For my first impression, i thought that Ah Cheng Laksa only will selling laksa. But in Ah Cheng Laksa you able to get other cuisine also such as :-

  1. Curry Laksa
  2. Asam Laksa
  3. Pan Mee
  4. Nasi Lemak/ Ayam Rendang/ Ayam Goreng
  5. Herbal Chicken Soup
  6. Kuey Teow Soup
  7. Beverages
  8. and others more.

   The first time when i visited Ah Cheng Laksa, I'm ordered the Asam Laksa. 
Ah Cheng Laksa-Asam Laksa (Before)

Ah Cheng Laksa- Asam Laksa (After)
   The fresh sardine and kembang as its main ingredient for natural flavour. They uses the rice noodle. Moreover, taste is yum yum (not too sour or too spicy). In addition, you able to order Asam Laksa or others cuisine with a drink and it cost RM9.90*(in promotion time). Furthermore, I will try other dishes that available at their outlets or kiosk next time.

For more information about Ah Cheng Laksa :-

Officially Ah Cheng Laksa Website :- http://www.ahchenglaksa.com.my/

You able to find their outlets and kiosk on the link below :-