June 28, 2014

Chicago Rib House- The City of Steaks & Ribs

   Greeting all. Guess what I have received few week ago. Sorry for late posting. Eventually, Chicago Rib House also known as CRH is back in action after the upgrading works.

   Chicago Rib House is going to promote the one-month special for Father's Day, the "Feast on Ribs" promotions.

Chicago Rib House- The City of Steaks & Ribs
Chicago Rib House Emblem

   I would like to thanks isaactan.net and also foodcult for the invitation. The promotion is started from 6th June 2014 until 6th July 2014. Besides that, I have been my friend, Rebecca Wong and also Sin Yee on this event too. The last met was at the Nuffnang Birthday Dash - http://www.marcsjy.com/2014/03/nuffnangis007-birthday-dash.html

   The promotion is consists of two full slabs of all-American pork ribs with a choice of two sides, which includes a US potato accompaniment, for only RM 79.90. Besides that, the ribs are also will be served with a selection sauces such as :-

  1. Original BBQ
  2. Honey Garlic
  3. Flaming Kansas City
  4. Bourbon Sauce
  5. Caramelized Plum

   In addition, Chicago Rib House has teamed up with the US Potato Board to create US Potato dishes to pair with the American-style ribs. There will be three new potato side dishes as below:-
  1. Macho Potatoes ( baked potato)
  2. Brave Potatoes ( cooked potatoes with tomato sauce)
  3. Happy Spuds ( potato salad)

   Not only that, Chicago Rib House also offering a free glass of Carlsberg for every two glasses purchased at RM 24.90. There also will have non-alcoholic choices such as Bobo juice for only RM 14.90 for two drinks and for the third is free. Here is some for the pictures that has been took on that event. * Sorry if the picture not so clear*

Overall picture for the foods such as Ribs, Potatoes, Fries and many more 

Taking picture with Jenny Tan (from foodcult.com.sg), Isaac Tan ( from isaactan.net), Ivy ( from foodmsia.com) & Vincent and also me-Marc Soon ( marcsjy.com

Everyone is busying taking picture of the food 

There will be more picture available at http://on.fb.me/1nRPSSM. In additions, for more information,  please check out the link below :-

Penang Outlet 

Selangor Outlet

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