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Domino's Pizza Popobe® Bola Bears

   Greeting everyone. Few days ago, I has been invited for event about Domino's Pizza Popobe® Bola Bears. The event is held at the Tropicana Golf & Country Club. Domino's Pizza is one of the well known organisation. I would like to thanks Domino's Pizza for inviting me for the this event.

The event schedule on that day.

   Domino's Pizza has introduced their latest collectable premium, the Popobe® Bola Bears. The Popobe® Bola Bears by Domino's Pizza are custom designed, limited edition bears and it will available on limited time only.

   Domino's Pizza is one of the world's pizza delivery experts has launched their new "Bola Meal" deals on the same time. Customer able to take this opportunity to collect the limited edition  Popobe® Bola Bears on the special promotional price.

The  Popobe® Bola Bears from the Domino's Pizza

   There 3 types limited edition Popobe® Bola Bears. The blue one is called Eva, black is called Pedro and for the yellow is called Juan. 

   As I just mention, Domino's Pizza has been introduced also Bola Meal. The Domino's Pizza meal set is available as below.

Here is the Bola Meal from Domino's Pizza

   Besides that, the Popobe® Bola Bears by Domino's Pizza may also be purchased as an add-on to Bola Meal 1 and 2 for only RM 7.80 or any other pizza purchase for the add-on price of RM9.80. In addition, there are a also prizes can be won when you take a selfie with Domino's Pizza Popobe® Bola Bears and don't forget to hashtag #bolabears in Instagram.

   Not only that, Domino's Pizza also promoting the their latest BBQ Baked Meatballs. The BBQ Baked Meatballs are 100% perfectly baked and the meatballs are drizzled with delicious smoky BBQ sauce. 

This is the Domino's Pizza Popobe® Bola Bears date of release the Popobe® Bola Bears -Eva, Pedro and Juan

   During the event, social media such as MY FM, MIX FM and many more is participating. The event is quite full with people. Basically everyone is busying Selfie-"Men-selfie-ing". So am I also! This is one of the event that I have join and I hope there will be more event may participate by me.

I'm "mem per selfie ing" with the Pedro #BolaBears 

For more information regarding for the Domino's Pizza, there are platforms that readers can look through as below:-

Domino's Pizza Official Facebook Page-
Domino's Pizza Official Webpage-

   Don't forget to follow my network too. Do mention for a follow back :). Have a nice day everyone! I hope I would able to join more event in future. More picture available via

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