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Hangout at The Classroom, Butterworth

Greeting all. I just go to the The Classroom Cafe at the Kawasan Perniagaan Teras Jaya today with my friends. Basically, I always will hang out with my best pals (Wei Kean, Jia Zhi and also Jacky Lu) whenever I back to my hometown. Usually, we (the four person) will hang out together but one of them (Wei Kean) has go Krabi for honeymoon. Like what we always say BO JIO!

What i'm unexpected was one of my friend, Jia Zhi finally bring her girlfriend to meet with us. I also did not notice until we have met. So,nice to meet you if you also reading this post ya. We have chosen The Classroom to have a drink. I been told that this shop is basically just opening not long ago.

The Classroom just behind the OldTown shop. If i'm not mistaken, the upper part of The Classroom shop was the Escape Plan. The Classroom is quite full with people. I saw that from time to time, the people keep coming. 

The Classroom provided a special called The laboratory with condition that needed to order the special chemical that cost RM15. I has been told that it only comes with 4 types of drink that I think able to mix up together because it is chemical. But what i unexpected is when the special drink reach, it comes with 6 types today. Guess what, extra 2 ( our lucky day). I have took some picture while at The Classroom. * I forget to bring camera for taking picture so i'm using my phone to take the picture so it is quite limited*. Sorry if the picture is not clear.

The Classroom, Butterworth
The drink that I have order, The Cappucino

The Classroom, Butterworth
The Chicken Chop that we order

The Classroom, Butterworth
It is a drink that mix with the dry ice. It look so nice.

The Classroom, Butterworth
Another chemical that mixed with the dry ice.

The Classroom, Butterworth
Other chemical with the dry ice. Sorry the cylinder should be straight. Sorry for the angle problem :X

The Classroom, Butterworth
Chemical that already added the dry ice.

This board card that we play together.
Damn it. We always lose to Jia Zhi. How could you have so lucky and you able to memorize it. We get bully by him. I sure will revenge in future so beware for it. This game is quite fun too and easy. We only need to open on the the one that we needed after your chicken. We need to jump over other player till the end to win the game. So I recommended this game to the people that never play before.

The Classroom, Butterworth
This is the special chemical drink that cost RM15.
Before the post is ended, it quite happy to hangout with friends. Nowadays, we did not know what will happen tomorrow but what we can do is enjoy and appreciate with we have done now. Thanks for giving sweet memories from time to time. It did not matter whether the memories is good or bad because we will not always have a sweet memories all the time. I would like to thanks for spending time reading till the end.

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