August 2, 2014

Benefit of Fasting During Ramadhan

Last few week, I have join the Yeo's Titian Serasa Ramadhan at Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC). I would like to thanks Kelly Chin for telling me this awesome event.

Benefit of Fasting - Representative from ZAKIM and he giving a speech
Representative from ZAKIM and he giving a speech

On that day, of course I also fasting just like others. I just took a Tiny Cute Muffin early in the morning and forget to get a drink. Well, it did not break my spirit of fasting. As you all know, I'm a Buddhist but I'm still fasting too. I like to keep try new stuff and will not give up no matter how hard the challenge ahead of me.

On that day, there will be a represent from ZAKIM to give a speech about Ramadhan and also Fasting. From him, I get some information of Benefit of Fasting and I would like to share with you all.

I would like to share in Malay version and I will try to re update to the English version as soon as possible.
  1. Merehatkan Sistem Penghadaman
  2. Memberi Peluang Kepada Badan Untuk Membuangkan Toksin
  3. Baik Untuk Rohani
  4. Menurunkan Kolesterol, Kadar Lemak and Tekanan
  5. Melambatkan Proses Penuaan
  6. Memberi Rehat Kepada Cara dan Tabiat Pemakanan
  7. Menahan Nafsu.
Here is the english version that has been translated. I would like to thanks Zul for helping for the translations.

  1. Allows your digestion system to rest
  2. Allows the body to remove toxins
  3. Good in terms of spiritual
  4. Lower down your cholestoral, reduce levels of fats
  5. Slowing down the process of aging
  6. Not sure sure( *Will be updated soon as possible*)
  7. Control your desire

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