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Diary Marc Soon- 18 August 2014

Wow today maybe will be my lucky day. I have received quite a number of awesome email, some of my wish come true and of course finally my semester 4 is starting. Eventually, I rather studying than working because at least the stress will be lesses a lot compare to working environment.

Happy scene never stop and it will come continuously. I was quite hungry during my break time, I decided to go canteen with friend and we taking lift. While the lift opened, I feel shocked because I saw my friend. I been a long time that I haven't met her already. The last meetup will be on the exam hall. She always smile from time to time that I will always never forget about her smile. I'm not sure why when I looked at her, I not dare to greet infront of everyone. IMPOSSIBLE will happen to me but it really happen today. So, I just pass by and also only smile while across her. But when i turned back, all of my friend greet to her. I feel so guilty and failure because never greet. 

After that, when I done my lunch, I went back to class and I get reply from one of the authority from my university. This is because we have some marking issues for our examination. I would like to take this chances to say thanks for helping us on our cases. Not only that, I would like to thanks my friends- Ryan, Choon That, Tze Ken and others that helping from time to time on this marking issues.

During the time, I on the train to back to my home, I checked my email and more news keep coming. There will be a Converse event that will held on this weekdays. Actually, Converse really give me a good memories.

Once I reached home, I checked my email again and of course I receive few more email that really hope I able to get it for a long thanks. I would like to thanks Tammy for sending me the awesome event that will be on this weekend. 

After that, I play with my sister's son. His name is Martin. His age already about 1 year old ++. While I playing with him, He finally say PAPA instead of MAMA. Everytime he will only say MAMA. And of course I took this chances to took an short video using the instagram. Unfortunately, after I upload it, the audio is gone. What a waste! But don't worry everyday will a great day and I believe I will took it again tomorrow the same scene!

Not only that, I have been invited for the event from Nuffnang too this weekend. It been a while for me of joining Nuffnang event. Every of the Nuffnang event is really awesome and give me a good memories. The last event that I joined for this is their Nuffnang Birthday Dash with my friend, Weng Cheong.

Before I end, I hope that everyone will have a good memories too from time to time and of course share it out so that you able to retrieve back next time in future. It will make you feel more happy and indirectly smiling too. 

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