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My Experience and What I think about Uber - Private Driver

I have just read and search about Uber. Wow, It really become something hot news. Uber has been quite sometime in our country already. When the first time I know Uber is when I get their card from a event at The Roof, 1 Avenue , Guess what, I still keeping that card and never used yet.

But on that time, I haven even started using it and still available inside my Uber account. I have RM50 Uber credit. Before I even using it, I have friends told me that Uber is much more expensive than normal taxi and they charge this and that. On that time, I felt that I will not even using it and forget about it. In addition, I not really often taking taxi too. Because I'm still a student and not afford to spend too much too.

After few month, I get another Uber offer from Nuffnang Birthday Bash 2014 , This time I have given RM100 Uber credit. On the day to the event, me, my sister and my friend, Weng Cheong when to the Hospital Prince Court to visit my brother in law, Isaac Tan

My Experience and What I think about Uber - Private Driver-
Uber emblem/ logo

We took normal taxi from KLCC. When the time we engage the taxi driver, my sister asked the driver whether is using meter or else. What he just reply the amount that he charge. If I not mistake is RM25. I know that KLCC is the spot that most tourist will visit and take taxi to visit places too. But do you think it is really expensive just from about 3km charging so high? Do you think we printing our money? After bargaining, we went to the hospital using normal taxi and charging us RM20 for 3person.

After visiting my brother in law, me and my friend, Weng Cheong decided to go to mall to have our lunch. Sorry Weng Cheong, that time make your tummy so hungry since he never took anything from morning till 3pm. So this time I want to using Uber from the hospital

Here is my experience of using Uber with Weng Cheong. The Uber driver calling me and asked me where should he come to fetch us. Wow of the first time I receive a call like this. And I told him at the entrance of the hospital. When I at the entrance, I saw a lot people is lining up for taxi drive. Wow, guess what my first Uber drive is a brand new Vios. If I not mistaken, the driver name is Kay. He is really friendly too. We also chit chatting in the car. He asking me where to go. I just asked him back, which place that will have a lot of nice foods since we are hungry. He told me to go Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. So I going to Pavilion and before I left the car, I asking him whether I need to pay or not. He told me NO NEED, just need to RATE him only.

After having lunch, is time for me to take a drive again to my event spot. I was thinking to use Uber again since they giving a good services and easy to be used. This time a Toyota Alphard come to fetch me from Pavilion. You know that on that time everyone that waiting for taxi is looking at us. 2 young guys sitting in a Toyota Alphard like a boss. * I told my friend that, this will be the best drive that we never have and sometime we can show off . HAHAHA*. My driver this time is a Indian, name Vimal. He also really friendly and we also chit chatting. As we know that, Pavilion is a place that really JAM. Thanks to you Vimal for telling me about Uber and I never late on my event that time.

During the event, I met one of the ambassador of Uber, Sherry Alyssa. Before I found out that she is a ambassador, I thought that she was a blogger because the event is inviting blogger. We chit chatting and taking some picture too.

My Experience and What I think about Uber - Private Driver- Sherry Alyssa
Fuyoh, she driving Audi.

After that, time for me to go back. I taking Uber again. This time a Malay guy, Mohsin be my private driver. I really shy on that time. He come down on his car and open door for us. I really appreciate and treat me so well. I keep saying thanks to treat us so good and his services. Not only that, he giving us drink. I asking a stupid to him, can you drive faster? Guess what he told me, no problem. Are you in a rush ? Wow, I told him " Of course No, I just joking". He driving a new Toyota Campy. He really drop me in front of my house. And I rated him and ask him whether can wait a while for me to take a picture. He told me " Sure! Not a problem".

My Experience and What I think about Uber - Private Driver
My Uber ride in font of my house- Wangsa Maju.

Most of the time when I took a normal taxi, they never charge me by the meter and "extra charge on midnight". *Maybe I'm not lucky*. I have spend RM30 from Time Square to Masjib Jamek during midnight and also RM30 from Pasar Seni to Wangsa Maju during midnight too. Do you think that for a student, and normal blogger like me, do you this that it is a reasonable ride and tell me to pay for the toll too?

For me, I'm supporting Uber because of their application that I able to track the distance, time taken, which driver and many more. The more important is really reasonable compare to normal taxi. The most important is " THEY NEVER KNOCK MY HEAD", if you know what I mean.

My Experience and What I think about Uber - Private
Here is my ride of using Uber

Here is all my experience of taking normal taxi ride and using Uber ride. And I hope that Uber able to continue in our country and maybe our nation taxi able to have some charges so that more people will change their point of view too. Thanks for reading.

For more information about UberX at and more update about Uber at

My Experience and What I think about Uber - Private Driver- #SaveUberMy

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