August 25, 2014

TruDtox - Botanical Tea Blend Review

For the past few month, I have try the TruDtox - Botanical Tea Blend. Anyone heard about this before? Here is the short briefly about TruDtox. TruDtox is a Swiss natural and organic botanical tea that WORKS GENTLY to cleanse and help strengthen our body’s own natural detox organs.

TruDtox did not contain Senna. Senna is one of the type of herb. Senna tea is commonly used as a laxative and it will costs side effects such as diarrhea ,stomach cramps and many more. Luckily, TruDtox does not contain Senna. Thanks you so much! In addition, TruDtox has been classified as food by the Ministry of Health.

TruDtox - Botanical Tea Blend Review
The TRUDTOX packaging
Here is my experience trying TRUDTOX. When I smell of the tea, it feel like mint. It make me feel so refreshing. The colour of the tea is a bit blue green for me. Even though, it colour of the tea is weird, it did not make me not to have a try. 

TruDtox - Botanical Tea Blend Review
The look of the TruDtox.
Preparing the detox tea is very simple and I'm sure everyone can do it effortlessly. I brew the tea bag in a hot cup of water for 20-30 minutes and the detox tea is ready to be served. Very simple and easy right? Not only that, you can also boil TruDtox teabag in a hot pot of water and share it with your family and friends.

After I drank the tea, everything is rather normal until around the 7 hour. I went to toilet after that and of course expel ''everything'' that no need inside my body. It really effective and I really like it. That why, I writing this post to promote to everyone about this awesome drink. The TRUDTOX is come with 17 packaging inside also.