uberX in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Everyday seem will have information that I wanted to share. Today I would like to share about uberX? Before I start, did anyone know about UBER? If you know about Uber, guess what this is your lucky day because Uber is promoting uberX. How about people that did not know about Uber? Don't worry this is your opportunity. 

Uber logo

Here is some basic information about Uber. What is Uber really providing? Uber is an organisation that providing vehicle for a ride. It is same like taxi. There are different about taxi and also Uber. Normally, our nation taxi is using Proton Saga, Awaza and some other too but what Uber provided is a bit class vehicle such as Toyota, Kia and so on.

uberX in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Email that I received from Uber.

Back to our topic, Uber has promoting uberX. Here is some information that you all want to be concern.

WHAT IS uberX?
With the uberX experience you will get the same Uber reliability, convenience and safety with one marked difference – PRICE (15% lower than a budget taxi) Riding in an uberX may very well be cheaper than parking at some shopping malls in KL.

Swipe and request for an uberX and find yourself rolling around KL swiftly and safely in a Perodua Myvi, Nissan Almera, and Toyota Vios in a variety of colors and styles, seating up to four passengers.
We weren’t kidding when we said that uberX is cheaper than driving to and parking in some shopping malls. Have a look at our sample fares comparison below:

Fare between uberX and Taxi
Fare between uberX and Taxi