September 4, 2014

Alexa Rank on Smartphone Application

Yesterday, I'm on my way back to my home, I was inside Putra LRT. I was curious that time, thinking whether will there be an application that able me to see my webpage ranking. So, I went to my Play Store and do searching. I always check my rank by opening browser and and log on to

Alexa is a site that able to audits and makes public the frequency of visits on various Web site. It is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of three months.

I searching my Play Store by typing Alexa Rank. I not sure whether that is an official application from Alexa or not but it have similar feature. All the picture is taken just now and I forget to screenshot on the first time I used. 

Alexa Rank on Smartphone Application
This is what I search on my Play Store.

After that, I try install one of the application and tested. It seem like the much more easier to be check and used too. We just need to key in webpage that wanted and wait it load and it show the result that easy and fast. App Monetization
Alexa Rank on Smartphone Application
This is what I search for using the Alexa Application.

Time for you all to download it so that you able to check your rank from time to time easily. I always check my webpage rank. I hope it will always raise and pray not to drop. I recommended Alexa Rank-Eli Revah. Why? Because I using it now. Thanks for reading!