September 29, 2014

Experience at Code Factory #CrackTheCode at Jaya Mall Shopping Centre

Escape room is one of the games that are really popular nowadays. This is my first time that I'm joining this game. This awesome shop is located at Code Factory at Jaya Mall Shopping Center. For people that do not have their own transport, you are able to reach there by public transport and also by walking too. You need to disembark at Asia Jaya LRT and you are able to see Jaya Mall Shopping Centre on your left.

Code Factory at Jaya Mall Shopping Center

For me, the majority of people nowadays are more keen on virtual games instead of real life games like adventures and others. Escape room type of game is really challenging and complicated. It is really hard to solve alone.

It seem everyone is so happy and excited after the game.
Currently, Code Factory consists of 4 rooms with a variety of themes, experience, creative quizzes and also puzzles. Each room is really unique and interactive with team work required to solve the puzzle and complete the tasks. We are given 50 minutes to complete the scenario.

One of the room that waiting you to challenge - LOST

One of the room that waiting you to conquer - The Operation 174

One of the room that waiting you to overcome -Classroom Murder 

One of the room that waiting you to complete - Burn Out
Each of the rooms have their own story line which makes it rather interesting. The scenario of will be read by the facilitator will read to you before it begins. The environment inside the room is really similar to the scene.

My friend, Jack is posting on the room that we going to enter for ROUND 1.
The first room that I'm joining with my friends is the Operation 174. This is one of the HARDEST among others room. It really need really good eye sight and smart to solve it. It really took a times for us to solve it. Everything in the room will be the clues to conquer this room. My team not able to done it on time but at least we need did our best.

This is the LOST room that going to conquer by US.
After that, we decided to go again since we not really satisfied with our failure. This time we choosing LOST. This scenario is really creepy and make me scream too. But in the end we manage to complete it within time.

This is my team while we joining the LOST room. Vania, Wilee, Bro, Jack and also Me

This is my certificate of complete the room!
Before I end this post, I challenge those that reading this post to get involve and conquer their room IF POSSIBLE. Do you dare to accept this challenge? * Remember to hastag on Instagram #CrackTheCode *