September 30, 2014

Experience at Pak John Steamboat Yong Tao Foo at Wangsa Walk Mall- 4 Person Set

Few day back, I was with my friend, John Cherian to try out steamboat at Kuala Lumpur. He told me that he really like steamboat and never having steamboat at Kuala Lumpur except at his hometown, Johor Bharu.

We decided to have dinner at Pak John Steamboat Yong Tao Foo at Wangsa Walk Mall Outlet. If you did not have own transport, don't worry it really easy too because Pak John Steamboat Yong Tao Foo, Wangsa Walk Outlet is really near to Sri Rampai LRT. 

As we done our class, we travel from Bukit Jalil LRT until Sri Rampai LRT. It took us about 1 hour for us to reach our destination.

Pak John Steamboat Yong Tao Foo, Wangsa Walk Mall Outlet
Have you heard about ala carte for steamboat? This is my first time heard about this too. This Pak John Steamboat Yong Tao Foo is really special compare to other shops or restaurant. When you order which set that you want, and it will complimentary with some side dish that you able choose*.

You able to choose to sit upstairs or downstairs 
The environment was nice and the staffs were friendly and helpful.  We ordered the 4 person set for the 2 of us, because we were hungry and we can eat a lot! As well as the classic method of boiling the food in the soup, there was also the grill on the top. The platter included several choices of meat, seafood and vegetables. On that day, the shop is quite crowded with people too and what a coincidence that I met my friends that too, Miera and others.

Environment on the upstairs of the Pak John Steamboat Yong Tao Foo, Wangsa Walk Outlets
This is our 4pax set. A lot right? -RM 69.90
Our 4pax set consists:-
  1. Steamboat Noodle
  2. Chinese Cabbage or Lettuce
  3. Fishball
  4. Tofu Bu
  5. Fish Dumpling
  6. Vege Dumpling
  7. Crabstick
  8. Fish Noodle
  9. Prawn'
  10. Mini Steamboat Beancurd
  11. Basa Fillet
  12. Chicken Egg
  13. Crad Odeng
  14. Japanese Tofo
  15. Chicken Fillet
  16. Premium Halfshell Scallop
  17. Seafood Sandwish Tofu
  18. Chicken Ball
  19. plus few side dishes too.
We call the Prawn Soup. It is the new soup on Pak John Steamboat Yong Tao Foo. Don't forget to try this out. This soup is really awesome and we really like it. The food was very delicious and enjoyable. Everything was fresh and tasty. Of course the highlight was the prawns, which we grilled with butter. 

This is the Prawn soup.
The drinks were also nice and refreshing, and there were desserts on the menu as well, although we did not order any. We were too full! We totally enjoyed ourselves and ate to our hearts content. Overall, it was simply wonderful, even more for the fact that it has been so long since we last had steamboat. we are very satisfied and definitely recommend this place to my friends and family. And reminder *Please try on their new signature soup, PRAWN SOUP*