September 22, 2014

Glucerna® Challenge Me in 12 weeks

For the past few week ago, I have been invited for an e vent that is quite related on our health. Before that, I would like to thanks The Butterfly Project and also Tammy Lim for the invitation.

Glucerna® Challenge Me programme allow me to learn more about issue of diabetes and how Glucerna® Challenge Me able to help Malaysian Diabetics to manage this serious problem. Nowadays, diabetes is a worldwide public concern. In 2013, number of diabetic adults reached a total of more than 380 million. Malaysia has been one of the countries with the highest diabetes rates in the world. It is a really serious matter and we should take precaution steps.

Diabetes does not affect blood glucose but may affect other body parts such as Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), eye complications, kidney diseases (Nephropathy), nerve damage (Neuropathy), High blood pressure (Hypertension), skin complications and also leg amputations. 

Glucerna® Challenge Me in 12 weeks
Glucerna products

In addition, diabetes can be divided into 2 categories, Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus and Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus. For the information, Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus is usually happens on teenagers and also kids while Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus usually happens on obesity or overweight person.

Glucerna® Challenge Me is a platform for people with diabetes to learn simple techniques to help them mange their diabetes with a healthy lifestyle, The simple plan incorporates of a healthy meal plan, specialized nutrition products such as Glucerna® and also exercise. The main components are to managing the blood sugar levels, supporting weight management and also reducing cholesterol.

Glucerna® Challenge Me in 12 weeks
It seem everyone is paying attention for this event.

You able to download the application the Glucerna® Challenge Me in your App store and also Play store. I think you all sure curious How Glucerna® Challenge Me functioning right? Glucerna® Challenge Me is a 12 week program features a robust set of online tools and resources to provide people with diabetes such as giving guides on how to incorporate Glucerna® into your healthy diet, easy meal plans and recipes and also daily exercise plan through step-by-step instructions.

Glucerna® Challenge Me in 12 weeks
I have download the GlucernaMY application
Addition points, Glucerna® provides a unique ststem of ingredients to help patients to manage their blood glucose levels, weight, and even cholesterol. This help to reduce weight when used as part of overall diabetes management plan.

Here is some of the picture that took during the event.

Glucerna® Challenge Me in 12 weeks
Our teacher of the day- Miss.Suraiya teaching us how to to make own cupcake.
Glucerna® Challenge Me in 12 weeks
She giving some information while making this mixture.

Glucerna® Challenge Me in 12 weeks
See nice right? Our cupcake going to done perfectly

Glucerna® Challenge Me in 12 weeks
It seem everyone is really concentrate and even wrote down note on their smartphone.

Glucerna® Challenge Me in 12 weeks
It seem everyone like to take picture! Everyone smile is really attracting but I think everyone is currently "Not Available". HAHA
Before I ending this post, I would like to recommended everyone to download this application and share this information to everyone that you know. " Sharing is caring " . Through sharing you might help someone too. We should learn how to stay healthy always. Thanks for reading!

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