September 27, 2014

Introduction of Master Chef From Thailand- Mr.Kent Arnon Masanglong

I think this will be one of the top events that I have ever attended. Time this, I have met one of the highest Chef From Thailand, Mr.Kent Arnon Masanglong. Have you heard about it? If not, I think this will be the chance for all readers gain information. Before that I never met a chef that have so many qualified. I think that he really an awesome guy and good looking too.

Mr.Kent Arnon Masanglong is a Islam religion and his nationality is Thai. He has over 30 years in progressive culinary professional in establishments including a world-class hotel and several upscale restaurants. Not only that, he is also profession in unique of creative flair and passion for food, strong business senseengaging interpersonal skills and many more.

Here is some of the highlight so this famous chef, Mr.Kent Arnon Masanglong. He is one of the Assistance General Secretary of Thai Chef Association. Moreover, he also the ONE that in charge of the Official Receptions of the Royal Family of Thailand. I would like to thanks Blooggers for giving me this opportunity to meet this incredible chef, Mr.Kent Arnon Masanglong.

Introduction of Master Chef From Thailand- Mr.Kent Arnon Masanglong
Mr.Jocko with Mr.Kent Arnon Masanglong.

Before I end this post, I would like to inform to all reader that, the coming post will be the dishes that are being served by Mr.Kent Arnon Masanglong to us. Stay tuned and have a wonderful day.

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