ChiChi & ChaCha Tv Show on Astro Ceria & Astro Maya HD

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ChiChi & ChaCha Tv Show on Astro Ceria & Astro Maya HD
ChiChi&ChaCha Poster
Here is some information that you must know. ChiChi & ChaCha is fully funded by founder Big Fish Media. Big Fish Media is a company that founded by Farah, the daughter of Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal (MK Land) and also Jojo Struys.

For the information, most of the animation production is not funded by our Government. *This will mean the strong commitment and belief in the new Intellectual Property (IP)*. 

In addition, Astro do believe on this project and they also agreed to buy the program before its completion at the pre-sales stage. Not only that, Astro also agreed to air it every single day 3 times a day. Astro do believed that majority of Malaysian Kids will love it so much.

Did you know that ChiChi & ChaCha is the ASEAN's first ever hybrid program where there are elements of live action that have a similar with Hi-5 and also 3D Animation such as Roger Rabbit. ChiChi & ChaCha is really unique because it is homegrown IP* and in Bahasa Malaysia. * It is exportable worldwide through format distribution and forget the main point is Edutainment. *

ChiChi & ChaCha able to inspire children across the country through fun learning. By this, the children able to learn and implement  on teamwork, sharing, leadership, moral value, language and many more.

Do you know that, the main cast comprises of the popular teenagers who are role models, who are famous and award winning kids with thousands of any social followers such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

ChiChi & ChaCha Tv Show on Astro Ceria & Astro Maya HD
Here is the characters in the latest ChiChi&ChaCha show
Big Fish Media founders, Farah is a really true inspiration to the production. She has passion for creative education.

ChiChi & ChaCha is poised to be the most popular children programming, at least as popular as the Upin & Ipin in the coming months, as they have already secured funding for the next 5 years for production and promotion. They have even formed a partnership with Japanese toy design company with more than a 100 licensing merchandising for roll-out. 

ChiChi & ChaCha Tv Show on Astro Ceria & Astro Maya HD
Here is one of the scene on the ChiChi&ChaCha show
The latest ChiChi & ChaCha show the big impact for the Upin & Ipin show. In addition, the show has been sold to Indonesia too. 

Big Fish Media will be participating in MIPJunior and MIPCOM next week where they are expected to sell ChiChi & ChaCha to other countries. 

All the information that mention, is a FACT not from opinion. Thank you all for the time for the reading on this post. It will be a bit long on this post but it really give a lot of information that you will not get from other sources. So do not forget to watch the first ever ChiChi & ChaCha on Astro Ceria or Astro Maya HD tomorrow staring 1030am. Have a great day, readers!

ChiChi & ChaCha Tv Show on Astro Ceria & Astro Maya HD
Time to watch ChiChi&ChaCha tomorrow! :)