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Experience at the First ever Malaysia Converse Con Project

Have you join Converse Con Project 2014?It is exactly the same date with my another post about NTV7- Golden Award, at http://www.marcsjy.com/2014/09/ntv7-golden-awards-2014-putrajaya-international-convention-center-picc.html

I would like to thanks Jack How for having me for the event. He was the incredible guy. Whenever you asking him a question, he confirm will have answer on it. For more information about the event, you able to refer to my previous post at http://www.marcsjy.com/2014/09/converse-brings-cons-project-to--bangsar-kuala-lumpur-on-20-september-2014.html .

The event was kicking off with skateboarding. You able to experience and learn the strategies of having skateboarding. I like inline-skate more than skateboarding because for me I feel that I able to do more pattern/ tricks when I fly in the air. Most of them are teenagers on that event, I feel that they will be our future national skateboarder.

It seem everyone were fast learner.

He was showing some trick when you flew on that.

He showing the guide of the tricks

Here is the group picture of all the skateboarder. Make our nation proud (Y)

Time to do some freestyle.
The highlight of the Malaysia Converse Con Project was their sneakers. Actually I not a fans of Converse but this time it did change mine mind on their latest design - Converse Con Weapon.

One of the latest sneakers

Another latest sneakers from Converse
Not only that, you able to bring your board for redesigning your board. For example, if you really have old board and you able to bring it over to have new design on it. It look really awesome and I hope I have a board for cutting.

Some board that have been re designing

Time to get a new design for your board
In addition, there will be something outstanding that going on. Anyone that joining the event will receive a blank Converse Shirt and the shirt will be painted on the spot. Sound outstanding right? It will be limited edition too. I think that the shirt unable to buy anywhere.

There will be a blank shirt for everyone that joining the event.

Time to make the blank shirt to something new limited design on the spot.

See a blank shirt become a well design shirt. 
 I did not join the whole event because it until night. On night, I need to attend the NTV7- Golden Award 2014 that held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). The highlight of this Converse Con Project was their latest sneakers.

This is the sneaker that I really like and guess what it will transform to another colour when on night!
I also able to meet Elana from elanakhong.blogspot.com and also Miriam from miriammerrygoround.blogspot.com. Overall, the event is really awesome and I'm looking forward on coming event from Converse in future.