October 6, 2014

Giveaway Ticket for Code Factory at Jaya Shopping Centre

I received email early in the morning few days back from Code Factory. There will be 5 giveaways tickets for 50% discount and I would like to share with my readers too. Before that, I would like to thanks everyone that view, searching, and read also at this site www.marcsjy.com . I will make this giveaways as simple as possible. 

For the past few days, I did challenge 2 of their room. It really challenging and complicated. Important we need to stay focus all the time to solve the whole game. You able to read more about it at http://www.marcsjy.com/2014/09/experience-at-code-factory-crackthecode-at-jaya-mall-shopping-centre.html

This types of games is suitable to everyone - couple, friends, single( not recommended to play alone but you able to join random people) and even family too.

Quite a number of people taught joining this types of games is wasting money and time too but think about this money can be earn anytime but experience cant be buy. Whatever you experience now, will benefit you in future.

50% Discount From Code Factory

Here is the Terms And Conditions of this giveaways :-
  • Voucher will be VALID until 31th October 2014 from Monday to Friday ONLY
  • Voucher discounts is for ONLY for a person and only for 1 times use
  • Voucher can be printed black and white
  • Voucher is not exchangeable for cash
  • Voucher will be send to winner through email
To get this voucher, you need to follow the format below (copy and paste) and just fill in your surname and email.

I want to #BreakTheCode at Code Factory!
Surname :
Email : 

Thanks for the support from last time until now and of course there will be more and more giveaways in future too. Have a wonderful day everyone.