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Introduction of Chef Tareq Taylor Nordic Cookery

It been awhile that I started blogging (going to 1 years) and I guess this will be the one of the biggest event that I have attended. Few days back, I have been one of the top chef from AFC, Tareq Taylor. I also given the opportunity to have interview with him too. 

I could not believe that I able to meet him Tareq Taylor in person for interview. From the interview, here is the short introduction of Tareq Taylor.

Introduction of Chef Tareq Taylor Nordic Cookery
He is Tareq Taylor. Took it when the interview is held.
Tareq Taylor is a Swedish Chef. He has 25 years of culinary experiences in this career. Other than starring in Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery on the Asian Food Channel (AFC), he also appeared on Swedish state television's popular cooking snow "Trädgårdsmåndag" (Garden Wednesdays), that have more than 500,000 people watching every week.

Not only that, Tareq Taylor also has worked with a variety of world cuisines ranging from French, Italian, Japanese, and also Swedish. Moreover, he always cooks his dishes with organic and locally-grown food. He has travel over Swedish to give lectures and participate some guides on making awesome cuisine.

Here is his self introduction from the interview. Tareq Taylor is from a mixed heritage ( his mother is half-English and half-Swedish, and his father is from Palestine). He has lived and traveled all over the world during his career as a chef and brings all his cultural and worldwide influences into his works.

When the time, he isn't filming and also writing best-selling cookbooks, he runs the Slottsträdgårdens Café (Castle Garden Café) in the Royal Park in Malmö, Sweden. 

Before I end, please do stay tuned for the coming post. It will be about the awesome cuisine that he has prepared for that awesome night. I has given the chances to have a taste of it. Thanks for reading. Have an awesome day everyone.