October 13, 2014

LIVE Elmo Make Music at Genting Highland

Time really past so fast! I do remember that last time I watch Elmo on the television. Every time when the time arrive for the Elmo show, I will automatically in front of the television to watch it. Could you believe that? Guess what, now you able to watch Elmo "LIVE" at Genting Highlands on coming month, November 2014.

Live at Elmo Make Music at Genting Highland
Elmo Make Music Banner

This will be an opportunity for everyone to watch it LIVE in front of us. Sometime we will feel that watching Elmo is for kids but did you know that, we been kid before too. And we should have those experience too since not everyone have that chances to watch it LIVE.

Here is the all the information about this awesome event.

For more information, you able to surf to their official website at http://www.rwgenting.com/en/entertainment/2014/sesame_street/index.htm

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