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New TV Show ChiChi & ChaCha on Astro Ceria & Astro Maya HD

Did you watch animation that is related to education nowadays? I feel that this types animation or cartoon is really suitable for all ages. It did not matter how old we are now. Do you agree? I did watch animation too nowadays to improve myself. There will endless for learning in our daily life.

Have you heard about ChiChi & ChaCha? ChiChi & ChaCha is the first ever 3D Animated Character combining with Live Action. Not only that it will screening on Astro Channel- Astro Maya HD (channel 135) and also Astro Ceria (channel 611).

New TV Show ChiChi & ChaCha on Astro Ceria & Astro Maya

ChiChi & ChaCha will be start screening tomorrow, 11 October 2014. ChiChi & ChaCha will be the next biggest animation combined with live action series in Malaysia, with a focus on education. The episodes, ChiChi & ChaCha will re-run 3 times a day, everyday from Monday to Friday. It consist of 13 episodes and every episode will take 30 minutes. 

Children from kindergarten to early primary are recommended for them to watch. For the information, ChiChi & ChaCha is an energetic, fun-filled learning and entertainment  programme. 

Here is some of the characters in ChiChi&ChaCha
ChiChi & ChaCha will be premiering starting tomorrow. And here is the fully detail of the ChiChi & ChaCha.

Show Title : ChiChi & ChaCha
Astro Channel : 611 (Astro Ceria) & 135 (Astro Maya HD) 
Time : 1030am 
Suitable Age Range : Kindergarten till Primary 

Don't forget to watch this awesome animate. Before I'm ending this post, there will be an another post related to this ChiChi & ChaCha. *All the latest information on the coming post will not able to get from any sources*. So stay tuned! Have a nice weekends and happy learning.

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