November 11, 2014

Appreciation to Desiree Ang and Ks Chen for consulting

Few days back, I was received my first ever business contract for my webpage From the start I did not excepted, I would able to have those opportunity yet because I still consider quite new blogger among others. Not only that, sometime I still feel that I still not so qualified to write a really quality post yet.

I would like to thanks Ks ChenDesiree Ang for helping me looking through my business contract. I would like to apologize if I was wasting you all time for just helping me. Addition, they did give me some professional advise too.

Try to get the most cute picture of my friend, Ks Chen. Guess which is him?
I know Ks Chen aka Ah Chen for quite sometime already because he been with me since primary school. Let admitted this, he really bully me a lot last time when childhood time. But I can confirm that he is really good in politics stuff and laws too. Not only that he also one of the the JPAM- Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia member. * His look quite scary but he really have a kind heart to help others*

I guess this would be one of the nice picture of her? She look pretty right?
Desiree Ang aka -STUBBORN is one of the gal that she know me really well * I hope so *. I know her quite sometime already probably 3-4 years already? * If I not mistaken *  I do remember is we did share about breakthrough together and also doing crazy stuff during midnight time. Forget to mention that we both met at " AuditionSea ". Do you still remember the time that we stay overnight for playing game till morning and over that night we did share our memories. I hope that you never forget about those days. *Her life is really tough that other people including me BUT she never give up and she deserve what she really have today*. I really admiring her and of course she already attracted to someone already.

Before I end, this is an appreciation post is specially for both of you. If the contract is successfully sign and when I get the first paid I will treat you back *I promise*. I was writing this post so that I will not forget what both of you have sacrifice for me and I will never forget about this too. I so glad that I know both of you in my life.