November 29, 2014

Be Food Blogger for Food-Inker

Greeting everyone! As a blogger there will be a lot of path of us to decide. Some they are involve for Technology, Travel, Diary, Lifestyle, Food and so on. Every of the categories is really awesome and have their own benefits.

Today, I want to introduce to everyone about Food-Inker. Opps, I already blog about it before. You able to know it more at Lets back to the point, if you want to be FOOD BLOGGER (does not matter you are new or old in the industry), Food-Inker welcoming you .

Be Food Blogger for Food-Inker
This is the first batch of the Food-Inker Blogger. 
After that, Food-Inker keep growing and growing. A lot of blogger started to join too. They did not pay anything for me to write for them or request me to write. For me, I like to share happiness and ideas with everyone but please/at least give me ''credit back'' if possible.

Be Food Blogger for Food-Inker
This is one of page 1 of the Food Inker Blogger
Actually, if you notice that, majority of the food blogger are gal. If you are a blogger and you are male and you thinking to get a gal food blogger girlfriend, here is your chance.

Before I end, Food-Inker will be the a good start for any blogger especially for the  new in this industry( like me) that want to write or share about foods to your audience or reader. Don't wait apply today while stock available. I hope that this post really can help everyone. Have a great day everyone !