November 21, 2014

Dining at You & Me Kitchen Corner Zest Point

Back to few day ago, I was visiting You & Me Kitchen Corner, Zest Point, Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil, Bandar Kinrara 9, 47180 Puchong. Have you heard about You & Me Kitchen Corner? Before that, I would like to thanks Food Inker for introducing me this awesome place to dine in.

Dining at You & Me Kitchen Corner Zest Point
You & Me Kitchen Corner
You & Me Kitchen Corner really putting a lot effort designing their restaurant. It really creative and I guess it would be the best place for relaxing with friends, family or even with your partner.

You able to see this when you just reach the restaurant. 
Do you like this design and feel to have a nap here?
This place is specially for couple to dining in here.
You & Me Kitchen Corner is founded by an environmentalist owner that makes the theme of the restaurant- Natural. When you just reach the restaurant, you able to feel the cozy and comfortable when you dine in here. 

I have been told that, You & Me Kitchen Corner is serving more than 160 dishes including the cuisine and the beverages. Their main priority for them when you dine in at here is you able to come happily and eat without worries. 

Not only that, all the ingredients that being used to make their dishes is natural such as Himalayan Salt, Olive Oil, Pearl Rice and others. When you dine in at You & Me Kitchen Corner, you able to have a nice cuisine without worries.

This is their You & Me Signature Four Season Vermicelli in porridge
Have you try before vermicelli with porridge? There is no contain of any MSG. This is my first time tasting the vermicelli with porridge and it did not disappointing me. I feel that this cuisine is really suitable for adult and also even youth. This cuisine is costs RM10.90.

Curry Noodles With Minced Pork & Mushroom
This would be one of the dishes that I really enjoy and highly recommended. I been told that the noodles is homemade and the taste surely different than the we usually cooked. It look simple dishes but it really taste nice with everything is mix together. You will be provided soup too but I forget to snap a picture of that and too bad it finish within 20 seconds. Not only that, this dish only cost RM 9.90. For this price it really worth it because most of the ingredient is homemade.

Heart to Heart
After mixing the Heart to Heart
I feel that this is a dish that really interesting. They really putting a lot of effort on making this dish to look and taste nice. When the first time I look on it, I was smile is just same like the picture too. This dishes is cost RM 13.90. Forget to mention that, this dish must mix together before eating. You able to mixing it yourself to asking the employee to help assist you. Every bite that you have, there will be different taste, if you believe me.

Porky Betty Satay
This is one of the dish that I really enjoying. It really look simple but the taste really undefined. I guess everyone will have different taste when you have the first bite on this dishes. I have been asked few people that have tasted on this dishes and everyone gives different feedback on the taste. It really worth to have a try. This cuisine comes with 6 sticks that costs RM 16.90.

Homemade Noodles with Vegetables and Mixed Fruits in Special Thai Dressing
There is one of the cuisine that I really enjoying and super recommended. You & Me Kitchen Corner mixing a lot stuff such as apple, mango, cabbage, carrots, onions and others for making this dish so special. Every bite of this dish will be different. Sometime you able to taste sweet nor sour. RM 12.90 would be the reasonable price for this dish.

Pan Fried Red Eye Steak
I been told that this dish is 1 person portion. I highly recommended if you go with your partner and try on it or you really hungry. For me it really a large portion and I almost could not finish it. Honestly, You & Me Kitchen Corner really put a lot of effort for making every of their customer that dine in to have wonderful meal. This Pan Fried Red Eye Steak cost RM69.90.

Pan Fried Norwegian Salmon Fillet
This dishes comes with 1 glass of wine. I really like dish that look simple and the taste is really outstanding. The salmon fillet is comes with homemade avocado and dragon sauce. Not only that, there will be 2 extra sauce, garlic and the caviar if not mistaken.

If you want to give surprises or to have a wonderful dinner for your another half, I recommended You & Me Kitchen Corner. For the information, You & Me Kitchen Corner will re-designing their shop according to the seasons. If you really want to do something for your another half maybe you able to arrange with You & Me Kitchen Corner, I think they willing to help on it.

Before I conclude, You & Me Kitchen Corner is one the restaurant that if I got a girlfriend, I definitely will bring her there for dinner. The feeling is different that you going for the high class places. Not only that, the portion for 1 person actually is equally for couple ( my opinion).

Restaurant Name : You & Me Kitchen Corner
Address : ZP2-27 & 28 Zest Point, Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil, Bandar Kinrara 9, Puchong
Contact Number : 03-8071 0339
Facebook Page :