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Experience at BlackBull @Midvalley Outlet

Not long ago, I was invited for the grand opening BlackBull Midvalley Outlet. Before that, I never get invited for another grand opening at Avenue K. I was really excited this time because I get invited.
It seem like I really good on playing darts. Do you think so too? :)
I would like to thanks John Hew for the invitation for this awesome grand opening of BlackBull Midvalley Outlet. I heard from my friends that The BlackBull is quite boring but when the time I experience myself, it totally different.

Snooker anyone? I look serious right? Wanna have a game with me?
For me, I feel that BlackBull Midvalley Outlet really awesome! There are quite a lot of activities that I can experience there such as Bowling, Darts, Snookers, Lounge and Karaoke and others too. This time I am going with my friend, Chin Shien. First of all, she not my girlfriend because she got boyfriend already, aka Yoong Sang. 

Her first time playing snooker. Look like professional right?
I just able to try some of their activities that they provided. My friend told me that she never even play darts and snooker before. But for me, I tested those games when long time ago. Maybe I should thanks to my friends that always invite me to test new stuff.

I did ask her about her thoughts of BlackBull. She told me that the environment is not bad. Everything is well arranged too. This time, she really away from her gadgets. Most of the time I do remember she always plays with her gadget.

I love this selfie. Jack using his DSLR with fish eye!
I am going to visit BlackBull Midvalley Outlet again but this time with someone *if you know who is that person*. If you all hangout at Midvalley, do visit BlackBull too. For more information about BlackBull, here is their Official Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BlackBull.MY.