December 26, 2014

MF3 Malaysia Furniture and Furnishing IDCC 2014

Do you remember that I posted about MF3? If you have missed about it, you able to view back on MF3 is organized by the Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Furniture Entrepreneur Association (KLSFEA) to celebrated the best of the furniture industry with the biggest home furniture fair in Malaysia.

MF3 Banner
Usually the event that I posting I will join too to know whether is it that exactly that I mentioned. This is the first time I been IDCC. When I reached the IDCC, the building still under construction and there is quite a lot shop lots still on renovation.
This is what I saw during the event! He looks cute for me^^
I went with my friends, Chin Shien. She told me that she want to have a look on the MF3 exhibition. Not only that she want to look for some furniture for her new house soon too. I only took some picture during the time.

Furniture compartment
Furniture compartment 
On the day I'm going to the exhibition (MF3), people there were really friendly. Whatever we asking them something or questions, they will answer according to what we asking without changing others topics.

Something that really attracting my friend, Chin Shien.
Not only that, they really good in promoting their own brands. We even able to test on their product before doing any purchasing. I did saw people even try sleeping on the bed too. I think not a lot shops will allows you to try sleep on it if you never buy.
A lot of people joining this MF3
MF3 is one of the largest furniture fair that conduct in our country, Malaysia. MF3 provides a lot of different department for your house renovation, decoration and more. Overall, I feel that MF3 really provide a lot choices for us to choose. In addition, we able to get a lot of importing product with reasonable price too.

I feel that event such as MF3 is really good for us. We did not need to keep changing from 1 shop to another shop to test their furniture and with this we able to save our time and fuel when travelling. Furthermore, there will be lucky draw and free gifts when you do purchasing at MF3. I hope that there will be more and more events that similar like MF3 on 2015 so that more people able to take this advantages to shop for decorating or redesigning their house.