December 18, 2014

Porto Bello Cafe Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Porto Bello Outlet
When you reach Damansara Utama also known as Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya for  having breakfast, lunch or even dinner, I guess Porto Bello Cafe will be the your best choice. Porto Bello Cafe is just allocated in front of UOB Tower. I would like to thanks Food Inker for inviting me to dine in here.

This is the UOB Tower.
Porto Bello is a warm new space for food hunters which run by a bunch of enthusiastic food lovers. It's the ideal hipster hangout for this neighborhood, buzzing with positive vibes. Porto Bello provides breakfast, brunch, burgers, chinese, french, seafood and even steakhouses.

Here is the write up of my experience dining at Porto Bello Cafe, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya.

This is known as Bombas. It comes with 3 pieces that only cost RM 6.50. It consists of the minced chicken and mash potato. Not only that it been served with barbecue sauce and also aioli. A great combination of the sauce with the ingredient inside. You able to taste a bit sweet and spicy. Every single bite will give you a different taste.

Homemade Wild Mushroom Soup
This is one of the dish that is served with sliced French baguette. This is the dish that I highly recommended and you should have a try on this. I been told that, this soup has using 5 different types of mushroom to combine together. The best part is it only costs RM8.90 that is really reasonable.

Legendary Crab Cake
This is one of the dish that I never heard before. I am one of the fans of seafood. I never heard before using crab meat for cake. The dishes name is really attracting me. It using the crab meat and then mix together with herb aioli and also tomato relish. Forget to mention that, it really have a strong smell of the crab too. It is highly recommended for people who is crab's lover and also seafood. With RM10.90 you actually able to try this awesome dish, Legendary Crab Cake.

French Escargot
I guess not a lot people know what is this dish. It is known as French Escargot. It come with 6 pieces of it. The yellowish sauce consists creamy garlic and also cheese based. I have been experience having escargot before but I never try that been served like this. It really interesting and it really taste awesome. I feel want to try it again. French Escargot will costs you RM13.90.

Porto Bello Chicken Pie
It look simple dish but I been told by the chef that, this dish is using Chinese style to marinate the chicken and then join forces with the Italian mushroom. The taste is really extraordinary. You really able to feel the top is really crispy. In addition you able to taste this with their special sauce too or even add french fries or salad to your Porto Bello Chicken Pie. With RM 22.00 you able to order this awesome dishes, Porto Bello Chicken Pie.

Seared Salmon
This is a dish that really highly recommended and you should try. The red sauce is beetroot puree. Beetroot is one of the vegetable that really give a lot benefit for us. The salmon is well served. The important of me is the salmon meat is not that hard. I really hate if the salmon meat feel hard. I feel Porto Bello Cafe serving the Seared Salmon fabulously. Not only that, you also to find mash potato and beurre blanc from this dish. Seared Salmon has been priced from RM 29.90.

Braised Beef Bourguignon 
This is one of the dish that I not really know how to pronoun, It is braised with red wine until tender, served with bread. Every single bite of the meat, you really able to taste the awesome sauce of it. Highly recommended if you want to get a dish that able to make you feel your tummy has been filled up. You need to paid RM 29.90 to get this cuisine, Braised Beef Bourguignon.

Smoked Barbeque Chicken
It is another dishes that I really love and highly recommended. The chicken has been smoked and tops with barbecue sauce. The meat of the chicken is perfectly served and the important is this served is served hot too. Not only that, It been told that the Smoked Barbeque Chicken cost RM29.90 for half and RM54.90 for a whole.

Spaghetti Creamy Miso 
I used to have spaghetti most of my time but this spaghetti creamy miso that been served by Porto Bello Cafe is more different that others. When I have my first bite of this, I really taste of fresh milk. First of all, I thought maybe my tongue got problem. I keep thinking why this spaghetti, I will taste fresh milk. After that, I been told my their staff that, this spaghetti contain a bit fresh milk and others ingredients too. In addition, this spaghetti come with sunny side up and bonito flakes as the topping. With RM13.50 you basically able to try this awesome dish.

Porto Bello’s Legendary Lava Cake 
Porto Bello Panna Cotta
After that, time for me to try their desserts. There will be 2 types of dessert that I highly recommended. If you like hot types, you should go with Porto Bello's Legendary Chocolate Lava. Or if you like cold types, you should try their Porto Bello Panna Cotta. For me, I more prefer chocolate because I love more on chocolate. Moreover, it is not that sweet than you really expected so it really quite healthy for me. I guess majority of gal will like more on Panna Cotta than Chocolate Lava. I been told that when you try their Panna Cotta, you really able to feel your first love again. Do you believe me? Porto Bello Legendary Chocolate Lava and Porto Bello Panna Cotta are costed RM13.90 each.

Overall, Porto Bello Cafe really served a lot awesome cuisine. Not only that, the price of their cuisine is really reasonable. For me, Porto Bello Cafe will be one of the spot that I will bring my partner to dine in for a dinner in future. Not only that you able to make reservation too by giving them a contact.

Name : Porto Bello Cafe
Address : No. 8 Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor ( In front UOB tower)
Business Hours : 11am till 10pm
Contact Number : +603-74966588
Official Facebook Page :