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Experience face cleansing at esmé Aesthetic Clinic, Jaya One

Recently, I have just visited esmé Aesthetic Clinic, Jaya One for face cleansing. This will be my first time making appointment for facial services. This is because I was invited to join a party, Party of the Century, Empire City | able to read more on HERE on that week too. It seem to be an biggest party and quite a number a VVIP and celebrities joining too. So I take this opportunity makeover myself for Party of the Century, Empire City.

esmé Aesthetic Clinic, Jaya One

She answering call from client early in the morning.
My appointment was on the morning section and it is quite easy for me to reach the destination (esmé Aesthetic Clinic, Jaya One). Firstly esmé facial consultant will help me check my skin and then recommending me for the facial treatment before starting.

After that, I'm been recommended by their facial consultant  to try their esmé Beauty Express Facial that costs RM68 only. I been told that the esmé Beauty Express Facial  is suitable for all types of skin. In this esmé Beauty Express Facial is consists of cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, medirian point massage, mask and also moisturizer. 

Before the facial treatment is started
I quite nervous and really damn sensitive if someone (especially gal | female even my mom also). So usually I'm not really too close with gal | female. Sacrificing is really needed if I wanted to makeover myself, I need to breakthrough my weakness and I did it for that time only.

I been told that the esmé Beauty Express Facial is really good for relaxing and also reducing stress. I'm managed to took some photo during the my esmé Beauty Express Facial. 

I think she helping me extracting the pimple. I think?
 I have no idea what is this but it kinda new for me
The esmé Beauty Express Facial took around 1 hour to complete. I'm could not give a lot of professional thoughts because this is my first time trying this type of treatment.

From my experience, the esmé Beauty Express Facial really effective to me. I almost fall asleep when the facial treatment is doing. Maybe probably on that time, I'm quite relaxing.

I guess she helping me doing mask if not mistaken
I'm quite curious why they putting a layer of something and after that helping me put on cool mask. They say that it will be much more easier to remove and clean after that. On that time I was thinking could it be possible? After that, I took a photo to see whether if any miracle happen.
After the layer has been removed
After that, she helping me clean up my face and then applying moisturizer on my face. Overall, I feel that the time and cost that I have been spending really worth. The final result after I try the esmé Beauty Express Facial is satisfying me. 

The final result before moisturizing is apply.
Be honest, I did not edit my picture to make my face pimple to disappear or making my face to look brighter. All the information that I used here is real and trusted without any biased their to esmé Aesthetic Clinic, Jaya One.

This is the final look with I taking picture with one of the celebrities
Before that, I would like to apologize if there is any broken English in this post. Overall, this will be really good experience and breakthrough for me. Great news never end, I have been told that there will be a free consultation of skin, surgery & non-surgery services for all my readers. *terms and condition apply as below

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  • DO MENTION to them that you get the information from my site before 15 February 2015
Name : esmé Aesthetic Clinic, Jaya One
Contact Number : 03-7955 1491.
Address : No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One, No.72a, Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.\
Official Webpage : esmé Aesthetic Clinic